04 June 2017

Show and Telllllllll..... Show and Telllllllll..... Show and Telllllllll..... Show and Telllllllll.....

This is my latest Bonnie K Hunter - Au Provence made for Susan who turns 50 tomorrow, beautifully quilted by Emma using a Fleur-de-lis Pattern.

 Lots and Lots of lovely Quilts below made by Cath.

 Clam Shells above with the back below.

Yet another of Cath's lovely quilts.

 Wendy has come this far on this beautiful quilt above and below part of the border.

 Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  Congratulations to Heather for her prize winning quilt at the Royal Easter Show.  Wonderful isn't it.

 Look at this lovely little woven wall hanging Becky made, she told me it wasn't all wool, there is fabric in it... can you see the fabric??

 Lynne made this quilt for one of out Soldier's who requested the above, I love the back as well.

 Glynis machine quilted this beauty for a friend... she still has to unpick the plastic, how are you going Glynis.

Yan Pring made this delightful bag...  I wonder who she made it for  :-)   and how did she know I like Babushkas???     How lucky am I eh!  and how clever is this bag, I only hope the owner of the tie doesn't miss it, the tie that is, not the bag.

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