18 June 2017

Busy hands making pretty works but the poster of this Blog has forgotten some of the workers!!

 Now that Lissa has finished, or almost finished making two hand pieced quilts she's on a mission to finish off this little darling.

 Jill onto another lovely bright quilt for a charity.

 Irene appliquing another block.

 Brenda was quilting this lovely little bright quilt for a grand child.

 Dreadful photo, lighting in this area of the Penno Pub is difficult but Joy was managing to get a bit done on her quilt... photographers shadow in photo!!

 What a beaut Pineapple Robyn is appliquing.

 Heather at work on this lovely bright border?

 Irene's chocheting is just beautiful isn't it.

 Mmmmmm...  sorry forgotten.

 Finishing touches to this beaut Black and White quilt were being done by Jean.

 Lovely and interesting Black and White hexagons by Pene.

 Wow!!  Was this yours Rhonda??

 I'm pretty sure this is Yan's... it has her style all over it  :-)

 Cath onto some binding.

 A couple of knitters with Marilyn above and Cheryl below.

 Pretty little quilt being worked by Wendy.

 Rita has finished a little Reindeer.

 Donna was working on a new block above, below is a finished block and at the bottom is one of  the Block of he Month patterns she's working from.

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