20 March 2008

06 March 2008

Results - Match the SCQuilter with her handwork.

:-( Nobody got 8/8 but I'm going to dig around in my Sewing Room and find a magnificent prize for two winners... one who has never met any of these SCQuilters and one who does come every now and then and was the first one in with 6/8

Results :-
A. Erica = 2 --- B. Lisa = 3 --- C. Marilyn = 1 --- D. Bec = 4
E. Heather = 5 --- F. Irene = 7 --- G. Pennie = 8 --- H. Gay = 6

Congratulations to the Winners who are...
The First in with 6/8 ...Lissa Morrow.

And... the highest score from someone who has never met any of us is... Lindi Jarman!
(Please email your snail mail addy's to me privately for your Surprise Prize!)

There were plenty of you who were close...
6/8 were Di J. and Jill O'C.
4/8 were Ros H, Mary-Anne R, Joan P, Loz L, Lorraine B.
3/8 were Dianne B, Jessica M, Nicole H, Rowena.
2/8 was Bettine... but Hey, she lives way over the other side of Australia :-)

Everybody obviously reads Erica's Blog, all but one of you scanned further down the Sydney SCQuilters Blog and found Bec's S&T from last month and 9 of the 14 entries knew my Hexagons.

01 March 2008

Guessing Competition - Read more about it!

This month there is a magnificent prize from 'Pennie's Stash' for the first SCQuilter to correctly match these 8 SCQuilters with their hand work in the two mosaic photos below. Write your answers in the Comments Box or email me privately, if no SCQuilter can answer all eight correctly there will be a - not so magnificent prize - for the SCQuilter with the most number of correct answers. Those in these photos may not enter the Competition.
So... Here we have:-
A. Erica, B. Lisa, C. Marilyn, D. Bec.
E. Heather, F. Irene, G. Pennie, H. Gay.

#1, #2, #3, #4.

#5, #6, #7, #8.