05 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everybody! Some special messages from us all!

Here are the Red Round Robins!! (with apologies to Diane and Cate)
So many beautiful Reds... it must be Christmas or something!
Back Row:- Left to Right... Gillian, Pennie, Becky, Christine and Irene.
Front Row:- Kerry-Anne, Dianne and Cate.

I called the rest of the girls the 'Higgledy Piggledies' but they objected... loudly... very loudly so I renamed them the Rainbows!!
I decided I was pink for this photo and see how much they love me... two sets of Bunny Ears!! LOL
Back Row:- Heather, Sarah, Loz, Marilyn, Jill and Jan.
Middle Row:- Sue, Jean, Pennie and Ros.
Seated:- Irene B., Liz and Gay.

Firstly Jan drew tickets for the three Goody Bags she's put together...

Liz won the first one... two hats and lots of useful goodies inside.

Sue was second with hats and a wonderful swag of fabric.

Look at these two wonderful stickers in Jean's Goody Bag!!

Next was the Recycled Gift Opening... there was a real buz of anticipation in the room... one of not wanting to win the Lamp or the Galleon!

The winner of the Galleon is.... Becky, she thinks she has just the place for it in her Bus Shed in her Garden... for 12 months anyway! We are trying to remember who bought this Galleon the first time around, we know it's had 4 owners since then. Are you game to own up??

That Jug Vase is back... Cate appears very happy to look after it for year! Lets hope she doesn't drop it before then!

Christine is delighted with her collection of Christmas Decorations and Patterns!

Gay really is pleased with her Pussy Purse! A Diamonte Pussy Purse at that! She needed a new purse and this one is perfect for the job!!

Gillian has a certain way with that beautiful fan doesn't she... and the chocolates!! Yummo!
Heather has plenty of time to put together this panel of a 2010 Calendar before the first of January... we must check that she's done just that at our next Gathering LOL

Irene Bodell thinks this dainty Desk Set of Sticky Tape Holder, a Letter Opener and a Pin Jar? will be perfect for her office! Well she looks very happy doesn't she?

Irene Long is thrilled with her Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers and her Christmas Tree hand towel...

Jean received four pretty miniature picture frames... pity her computer crashed with all her photos on it... do you think this may come back next year?

Look how pleased Jill is to receive this nibble tray complete with lid! Her Christmas parties will really be a hit now!!
Kerry-Anne - won a beautiful beaded jewel box with this gift inside and a poem that reads...
Now don't be mistaken, don't be misled,
These aren't for your legs but your nose instead.
Just take off the bow and undo the stitches,
You've got two hankies but you've lost your Britches!

Loz decided it was safer to choose the smallest gift, so here she is excitedly unwrapping a small box of chocolates with a note that read... Congratulations you have won the Fibre Optic Moving Flowers Lamp! I think she is Recipient #5.
The smile doesn't say the same as the thumb does it!! Loz has a gun, she's a shooter... I wonder if this precious lamp will return next Christmas???

Pennie... Just look how thrilled I am to receive this beautiful set. A watch, a bracelet, a necklace and earings... all matching and studded with plastic pink stones!! Grand Daughters Abigail almost 5 years and Matilda almost 3 are going to love these!!! What with last years Popcorn Machine I'm loving this re-cylcled gift idea!!

Lucky Ros received a Ham Bag... not a handbag... and some wine glass thingies! Just what she needed!
Sarah picked this box of very useful Chop Stick rests.

Now it's time for.... SHOW and TELL... So inspiring it always knocks us out!!

Cate - Quilt for one year old DS Harley, who isn't in a bed yet so Cate has plenty of time to finish it for him.

Cate - Hexagon Blocks.

Sarah - Last time Sarah was at the Blue Gum she saw Cate's blocks and fell instantly in love so using a photo she's reproduced them in Miniature! That's a 5c coin on the table.

Christine - This is a 'Double Delight' designed by Bonnie K. Hunter, you will see Sarah's exact same DD further down... so different yet so stunning.
Gay - Place mats for DD Trudi.

Gillian - A quilt for DH Pete... at last.

Heather - Another stunning block.

Irene Bodell - Christmas Panel almost finished.

Irene Long - Three beautiful wall hangings for gifts!
Jean - Bargello taught by Kerry-Anne.

Jill - Bright Disappearing 9 Patch.

Kerry-Anne - Christmas Wreath.

Liz - The Owl and the Pussy Cat finished.

Loz - Pie Tarts.
Marilyn Robinson's beautiful Hexagons.

Pennie's Hexagons... there are always Hexagons at the Blue Gum!

Ros - Double Wedding Ring for her son who is getting married next year.

Ros - Quilt for a cousin turning 50!

Sarah - Bonnie K. Hunter's Double Delight.

And The Winner is.....

The HAT with all the comments inside... Christine Colley drew the Winner... would you email me please winner and let me know how you would like to retrieve your SCQuilters Umbrella.

PLUS.... I really enjoyed this comment so am awarding the writer a prize from my stash... so could you please email me so I can pop something in the post soon.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog & looking at your work.
Hope I'll get to join you one day when I'm visiting Sydney.
It is finally raining in Ballarat (best rainfall in 13 yrs) & the only umbrella I have in my boot is advertising Pap smears! No one will pinch it. I desperately need a quilting umbrella.
Merry Christmas & hope your "meal vibrators" are all working.

Glenda in Ballarat

30 November 2009

Southern Cross Quilters Christmas Competition - Win this Beautiful Umbrella.

Would you like to win this beautiful SCQuilters Umbrella?

Large Navy coloured Umbrella with 4 SCQuilters Logo's in white.
Wooden handle with automatic button for ease of opening.
Never been used, still in it's cellophane wrapping and in pristine condition.
Produced for the Sydney SCQuilters Retreat in 2005.


You have to be a member of the online group of the Southern Cross Quilters.
Winner will pay for postage if they can't pick it up.
Competition closes at 8am Saturday 5th December.

Winners Name will be drawn from a hat by one of the staff at 'The Blue Gum' on Saturday 5th of December at the SCQuilters Christmas Party.

Entry is FREE! All you need to do is:-

Leave a comment on this Blog.
(a nice comment mind you)

Good Luck Everyone!!

08 November 2009

Blue Gum Saturday... .Is the First Saturday of each month... come along and say Hello if you are around.

Here is yesterday's Happy Crowd of busy SCQuilters, their hands are sewing, the noise level is on High, with lots of chat and laughter, lunch and drinks are ordered and arrive... then it's Show and Tell time. About 20 plus today with a very quiet young Harrison busily playing Gameboy beside his Grandmother Lyn Allitt.

Not only did we have SCQuilters coming from South, West, North and all over Sydney a couple of them flew in from London (Gay Jenkins) and Iowa (Linda Hungerford)!! Now the question was... who travelled the furthest?? I did a bit of a Goggle and Wiki and here are the results!!

London 16,997 kms (10,600 miles) Iowa 14,759kms (9,171miles).

So Gay wins (not that there is a prize or anything) but Linda was only a couple of thousand kilometres behind :-) I know I should have better things to do on a Sunday but sometimes I just can't help myself LOL!!!

Lyn Wilson is busy making Christmas Trees... I am going to make some of these for Presents... isn't it delightful!
All you need are 11 of these triangles to make one tree!

Loz Lloyd with a very interesting octagon pattern.
Loz's Hexagon quilt is so fascinating to look into.
Sue Hodges, a quilt for the latest baby in the family.
Sue Hodges learnt to machine quilt with Deb Louie... isn't this wall hanging magnificent!Here is a detail of the centre of Sue's quilt.

Pennie made this quilt for the Stichin' Mission and gave it to Di Jobbins and Linda Hungerford,who is visiting from Iowa, USA
Di and Linda with the donated quilt.