19 January 2019

Fun at the Pennant Hills Pub in beautiful Air Con comfort, although today wasn't as hot as it has been all week.

Now come on everybody, move closer together and pretend you like each other so that I can take a photo!

  Lisa and Maggie 'like' each other.

 Brenda and Jill are thinking about it.  😃😃😃

 Lynne, Irene and Heather certainly 'like' each other.

 Rita and Cath think they do.

 Robyn and Emma REALLY 'like' each other.

And Pennie forgot to do a Selfie or get someone to take a photo of her, but here's a recent one!

Rita's Show and Tell, the only Show for today! I must remember to put it out there that we'd love to see something, anything next time.

 A little wall hanging Rita made for her daughter several years ago, and below a Laundry Bag for one of our Service Women.

Now here's a story of a quilty lady who had no idea what she was doing 40 years ago!

 This is my Show and Tell for today... which I left at home... but there's a story to these two lovely single bed quilts.

Way back in 1977, we sailed to England for a couple of years, we had three little people with us and we bought a house then bought second hand furniture.  This couch was so ugly I needed to cover it so I bought some fabrics, cut them into squares to make a cover.

I knew nothing about Patchwork or Quilting back then but I could sew.  Most of the fabric is Laura Ashley except the fabric with the little green flowers on it, this was left overs from my oldest daughters School Uniform that I made... or so I thought...

I hand cut squares and sewed them together, there was no backing or border and I had never heard of rubber mats and rotary cutters... below is the result with oldest daughter Nerys on right and friend Genevieve on left.

 See the white fabric with little green flowers...

When we returned to Australia I turned this 'Cover' into two Duvet Covers ... then only last year I decided I needed to keep and preserve this lovely cover so I turned it into two quilts with a fabulous red border and Emma Smith quilted it for me.
... when I showed my quilts to people they and I started to suspect this fabric couldn't be School Uniform fabric, the School uniforms we remember were either plain or check... but then...
I found this photo of my two daughters and Nerys my oldest is wearing her School Uniform.

To confirm either Yay or Nay of my School Uniform thoughts, this did happen 40 years ago...  I put these photos up on a Facebook Page I belong to in Guildford, Surrey, the same town we lived in back then and where Nerys went to school.

The response has been terrific and YES!  Nerys is wearing her School Uniform.

Plenty of interesting, clever and amazing handwork!

Brenda casting on... I've never seen it done like this, very clever.   I've not only done but seen a LOT of casting on.

 If you see me putting together these little half inch hexagons together you can tell my sewing life is pretty boring but at least it's fall back sort of handwork and it might turn out to be a quilt one day.

 Maggie is up to October!  Yay...  October 2017 that is 😃

Lisa is loving the way her wool is knitting up so beautifully, so are we!

 Now what exactly is Heather up to I wonder?

 Pretty little needlework being done by Lynne.

 Irene is knitting a scarf.

 Chocolates looked popular.

Cath's project looks very interesting.

Emma's handwork is coming along, I think we've seen some of these before.

Rita's Monet's Garden hexagons, I should have asked her to show us... but I was talking too much as usual!

 Now this looks very interesting!  What are you up to Robyn?  We need to see more blocks please 😃

Jill was putting these Hexagons together for the Quilters Guild for a Charity.