07 June 2015

The Blue Gum Pub was packed with SCQuilters from all over Sydney and NSW yesterday, they were all smiling and laughing and eating and chatting and working and admiring... a lovely day!

 Heads down in our cosy room.  Eating, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Cutting, Embroidery, Beading, Texting, Drawing, Drinking and Chat Chat Chatting....

 Hello from... Glynis, Lynne, Lyn, Heather, Liz, Rita, Erica, Annie, Becky, Emma and Cath.

Hello From... Bec visiting from the USA, Sel,  Jenn, Irene L, Penny, Maggie, Lisa, Lissa, Christine, Jill, Irene B and Dianne.

And Hello from those in the back row... Lissa, Lisa, Brenda, Maggie, Pennie, Annie, Erica and Rita.

We are a group of very clever and very different women of all ages and from all over Sydney and NSW ... who all love and admire what our friends are creating! Aren't we lucky eh!


 Bec visiting from the USA is making this dress.


 Christine and Penny.

 Lissa and Maggie.

 Jill and Irene L.


 Irene B.


 Liz has started the beading on this masterpiece.

 Lynne is knitting this jumper for Liz.



Show and Tell... Wow! Wow! and Double Wow!

 The best and the cutest and the cuddliest up first...
Claire bought along little Josephine, just 5 weeks old and such a darling, you don't have to worry, I got a good cuddle... of Josephine that is  :-)

 Wow!  Selina remembered half way through this quilt... she doesn't really enjoy sewing triangles :-)

 Beautiful shawl made and worn by Annie... and check out her clasp, made from an old spoon.
 How clever and beautiful is this, with a Water Dragon as well.  Annie didn't make the spoon clasp, she bought it.

 Annie also had a baby blanket to show.

Jenn has done wonders with this 'Wow' quilt, not only the design but check out the quilting, some hand and some machine, how clever is she eh!

 I love, love, love Erica's 'Lucy Boston' quilt.  Wow!

 Lissa was thrilled to get her beautiful quilt back after Emma had quilted it for her... just check out that fabulous quilting as well... and check out that cheeky happy face peeking around the side of her quilt.

 Jill was binding this charity quilt made by an elderly lady from her Patchwork Group.  Lovely isn't it.

 Cath always has something new and interesting for our Show and Tell.

 Rita has made several of these very handy 'dilly bags'.

 Rita's DD loves Ladybugs... she's going to love this quilt for sure.
And one Ladybug on the back.

Rita was asking advice on what to do with these two made many years ago by her MIL.  I think she got some good advice from very well informed SCQuilters.