03 June 2018

Lots of lovely Quilters, Knitters, Crocheters, Stitchers and Snippers came in from the cold and into our lovely warm and cosy, if a little noisey at times, room at the Blue Gum yesterday!

Lynne was too busy to look at the camera while she was teaching Maureen to Crochet!

Jennifer and Lesley too busy having fun to look at the Camera!

Heather and Joy having fun...

... as were Maureen and Marilyn below.

Pennie and Irene look like they are up to no good... don't we!!

Ann and Rita also look as they are up to no good....

Here's that Ann again, this time with Emma and one very well dressed dog!!

Steph and Becky all rugged up with beautiful handmade shawl's!

Kate and Penny look very happy to see me!! 

Busy hands and Brains!! working away all day long...

 Irene started a new project... I wonder how much she got done with all that chatting, laughing and eating she was enjoying!!  Wait till you get to the end of this post to find out!

 Barbara tells me that the flowers here are photos scanned onto silk...  looking forward to how it all comes together.

 Becky was knitting, knitting and knitting... away... she bought plenty of wool with her, just in case she ran out!

 Becky's Wool Embriodery!  and below her knitted socks, Becky has been very busy!

 That's our Becky with her scarf with wonderful ...  gosh I've forgotten the name of that clip... Help!!

 Stephanie enjoying her knitting as well.

 Maureen #1 was quilting this interesting looking quilt.

 Joy doing the Hexie thing!

As was Lesley below.

 Jennifer was appliquing these interesting blocks, looking forward to seeing more please...

 I was knitting the neckband of this funky and seriously whacky jumper for my DIL Kate!!  sort of making it up as I go...

 Penny is getting these blocks together at great speed... wait till you see the Show!

 Lynne was knitting two things as once...   now that is seriously cool!!
 And while she was doing this she was teaching Maureen #2 how to Crochet!!  see below...
Wonder Woman three times over :-)
Maureen #2's brand new Crochet!

 I love these blocks of Ann's...  made me wonder if I need some new handwork??? 
 ... mmmmmmm....  maybe I do!!

 Emma has fussy cut Hexies underway and at the same time she's crocheting a shawl!!

 Heather was sewing in the ends of this quilt.

 Kate has started a new project with very Wow!  Fabrics...

Finally...  Here is the work Irene managed to get done yesterday... pretty good eh!!

It was a Hexagon Show and Tell this month! Lots of Hexies and not a one the same... Wonderful and inspiring stuff!

First up today is this beautiful sewing kit, not only hexagons on the outside... they are inside as well!!  Just delightful and very handy... made by Lesley.

Maureen #2 made this Elongated Hexagon bag!  Wow!

Emma's Hexagon... and hey... look what's inside!
Below is a hexagon knitted by Emma.

This is my little Hexagon wall hanging, made back in 2007 for a Challenge.

Check out this elongated Hexagon quilt above... Penny is going gangbusters getting her blocks together!  Wow!
And below an old Hexagon Quilt of Penny's.

Now!  This quilt has to be the Winner!!!   Not that it was a competition but...  I just love it.
 Ruth bought this old quilt a while ago and is planning to finish it, there was a lot of discussion about the age of these little hexagons with no great conclusion.
What gets me about this quilt is the fact that someone, many years ago, spent hours, days, months and years putting it together never to see it finished!  Now that makes me sad.

Hexi #1 made by Marilyn, I really like so different to what we usually see and very Wow!

These two beauties were also made by Marilyn just lovely!

Lynne's lovely Hexagons with some applique vine as well.

Rita is one of our most prolific quilters, here is her Hexagon Show as well as some photos from the last gathering that I was unable to attend...

 Rita dug deep into her stash so was able to show us all these wonderful Hexagon Quilts, some quite old.

 Cushion Covers as well.

A different quilt made from similar fabrics as those quilts above.

Thanks for these photos below Heather, taken at the Pennant Hills Pub two weeks ago.