02 April 2011

Look at us... Sweet Sixteen, that's who we are! Well I'm behind the camera. Lots of loud chat and laughter today at the Blue Gum but for the very first time EVER! In almost six years... that's more than 60 Gatherings @12 per year... there was no Show and Tell! To make up for our recalcitrant behaviour I have devised a couple of little Competitions for you to enter. Enjoy!

 Last weekend I attend the SCQuilters Retreat in Kiama for the day, it was very heart warming to be told by several of the attendees how much they enjoyed our humble little Blue Gum Blog... or was that the Blue Glum Blob? the Blue Bum Glob?  amazing what a comes out of my mouth sometimes!!  LOL and I drink Water or Diet Coke!

Competition #1
What is this???  It makes the most wonderful sound, if a little loud.  One clue... my Brother and my SIL who live in Dubai probably sees lots and lots of them.
 Have a go... the Prize will be overwhelmingly, fantastic and amazing!

Shirley was with us once again but is heading back to Victoria this evening, these little bears are for someone very special I think.

Liz has almost finished three of her 8 block quilt.
Jill started putting these black and white... with the odd bit of lime green, blocks together today.  Can't wait to see a bit more of this quilt.

Lyn W's handwork... you must have a fair number of these blocks now Lyn!  Another quilt I can't wait to see.

Well the Blue Gummers haven't been very prolific today but Gay in England (Gay usually joins us while she is out here) has been very busy... here are two of her recent quilts.
 And this lovely quilt for a little Grandson.

Quilt Number 1.   The #2 Competition.  

Because there were no quilts bought for the Show and Tell today at the Blue Gum, I decided I just couldn't disappoint our followers so I've searched the archives of this Blog and thought up a Guessing Competition.  What you have to do is see if you can find the owners of  the TEN old quilts I've posted this evening,  some of them go way back to 2006.  Put the number with the name of the owner into an email and send it to me privately... pennie@iinet.net.au   The prizes will astound you!!  :-)

Quilt Number 2.
 Claire has just had a move so her quilting projects got a bit of a going over, above is an old Hydrangea pattern and below a lovely Celtic pattern.  Claire also bought some fabrics she no longer needed to share out. 

Bec is working on these wonderful blocks, she has many many more but I didn't have enough table space to put them all out!  I wonder if we will see some of them put together next month!

 I just wanted to run my hands through Marilyn's Suffolk Puffs, don't they look wonderful in this box.

Dianne was working on some new blocks.

Quilt Number 3.

Quilt Number  4.
Pennie's two Hexagons... This Grandmothers Flower Garden I bought as an original 1930's top, some of the fabrics were rotted so I repaired the top and have been hand quilting it forever and ever... but not very often, which could be the reason for the delay.  In the meantime I needed some handwork for a 6 month overseas holiday so...

... I started this similar but different 1930's quilt  below, I would like it to be the same size as the one above but keep getting bored so keep adding  a different border... 
this was the only quilt at the Blue Gum today. 

Jean was under a lot of pressure today, I wanted her to finish this little block so I could take a photo of it and wouldn't let her catch her train till she had finished!!  Hurray! isn't it a real cutie! and so well matched up.

Ros got a lot of work done on this lovely Sashiko which is a pattern bought on that recent SCQuilters Retreat Shopping Spree!

Ros made these two blocks in the Lyn Hewitt class down in Kiama last weekend.

Quilt Number 5.

Quilt Number 6.
 My Lunch....  Spicy Cajun Soft Shell Crab Burger...   when I took the top off I found the whole Crab!  I often have soft shell crab in sushi rolls or other dishes but I've never seen the crab whole like this!   Do I have to say it was absolutely Delicious!!  It still looks it in the photo :-)  The beer battered chips were pretty darn good as well! 

I didn't take photos of any other meals, I just wanted to tuck into mine and besides the majority of us had the same!  Yummylicious...

Lyn A. is working on a new project... 

 This is it below, I love the look of the blocks in this book... one day maybe!

Quilt Number 7.

Quilt Number 8.

Heather's new blocks.

     Heather found her quilt published in one of the Quilt Magazines! 

Gillian is making this shawl for a friend.

Gillian's Shawl under construction.

Quilt Number 9.
 Quilt Number 10.