07 July 2012

First Saturday of July... at the Blue Gum Pub in Waitara.

 What OH WHAT embarrassed Heather so...  A very nice prize will be put in the post for the best guess :-)

Either leave a comment or email me privately then Heather and I will choose the Winner.

Lots of us gathered out of the cold at the Blue Gum today, lots of chat, sewing and Show

Everybody else behaved quite normally if a little noisily :-)

Show and Tell #1.

Jen's Show and Tell is Piper, all of 20 months old.  What a little sweetie :-)

 Piper loves her quilt and she's working away at undoing the circles, open is more to her taste!

 This will be a picnic rug when Jen finish's it.

 Jen was going to put this quilt on her Etsy site but she likes it so much she's decided to keep it.

 Penny made this beautiful little book with stick on clothes, hats and shoes... for her Grand daughter, but it has to stay at Grandma's home  :-)

Isn't it beautiful, Robbie is making one for her Grand Daughter as well.

Show and Tell #2.

 This is Rita's Show and Tell...

 Rita asked for help for this Wolf Quilt.  Wolf is her maiden name and she's making it for her brother.  Should she put more of the dark brown on the border next or more of the Wolf?  The vote was about 50/50 at the Blue Gum today.  Below is the back of Rita's Wolf Quilt.

 All of Rita's Show and Tell was for family members.

Show and Tell #3.

 Some of Jackie's redwork for her next quilt. All from old Nursery Rhymes.

 Both these quilts of Jackie's are for friends of her daughters.

 This fantastic quilt, quilted by Kristy Wang, is for Jackie's son and his wife, she made it reversible with her signature in beautiful large embroidery on the back.

Show and Tell #4.

 Lynne A's, 10 year old Grand daughter put this quilt together using the machine for the first time... but she prefers the back, below :-)

 Lyn W. is getting along nicely with her Sue Spargo quilt.

 Jill was finishing off the binding of her quilt.

 Robyn's Witches Hats, aren't they fantastic... here is her explanation.

( It’s part of Jems Whispers Challenge 2012.  The No 1 quilter was given an image to make her quilt with and the completed quilt was passed on to participant No 2, who took an element from the original quilt and then passed her quilt on to No 3 participant, etc.  My quilt is No 5 in the series.  I received No 4 quilt which was a Halloween scene, complete with witches, etc. and I took up the theme of traffic witches’ hats and what they might get up to off duty.)

Cath's road and rail quilt.

Show and Tell #5.

 Marilyn's hand work.

 Heathers quilt for a Newborn... read all about it from Hunters Hill Quilters...


 The staff have requested that the cot quilts be 26" x 26" (66cm x 66cm) and made from all cotton including 100% cotton batting, this is because of static.

 As the quilts will receive vigorous washing they should be sewn to cope with such treatment/

 The ward will take as many as we can made as some of the quilts are taken home by the parents.

 This is Heather's Colonial Quilt, she has to make it as women back then did, she has one needle limited fabric, two spools of thread, she cannot use a sewing machine, an iron or templates or pins but she can make up any pattern.  Looking great isn't it.

This is Daphne's quilt made for a Cystic Fibrosis child with the Kamilaroi Quilters in Windsor.

Show and Tell #6.

 Marilyn made this quilt a while ago... and...

 Kerry made this quilt now long ago.

 Both the same. or very similar.

 Kerry and Marilyn.

 Then the Show and Tell went down, down, down to the floor... to Kath's socks, then Heather joined in  :-)

Food Glorious Food... and not a sweet to be seen...

Asparagus with Caramelized Onions and Almonds.

 Chicken Burger and Beer battered Chips.

 Calamari and Chips.

 Chicken Salad is always popular.

 But the most popular of all was the Fish and Chips.

Salmon and Asparagus.

So... Who was at the Blue Gum today? 2 x Lucy's, 2 x Lynne's, 2 x Pennies, 2 x Robyn's and 20 others..... that's WHO!

 Kath and Jackie.

 Marilyn and Lyn.

 Kerry and Lucy.
 Ros, Joy and Glynis.

 Heather and Robyn.

 Annette and Rita.

 Jill and Pennie.

 Jen, Claire and Lucy.

 Irene, Paddy and Lynne.

 Robyn and Penny.

 Daphne and Sue.

Dianne and Becky.