18 September 2016

Gathering at the Hotel Pennant Hills.

Pennie, Beate, Jan, Marilyn, Nola, Lyn, Shirley, Jill, Dianne, Erica, Penny, Irene, Jean, Kerry, Cate, Heather & Robyn.

This photo wasn't taken yesterday, it was taken 10 years ago at what was then called the Pennant Hills Inn.  SCQuilters started meeting here on the first Saturday of each month in the early 2000's, I'm not quite sure which year exactly, I do remember how we started but not when?

Anyone remember when Luixin was asked by a group of American Quilters if they could meet some Aussie Quilters during their visit to Australia?

Luixin asked me if it was possible so I arranged to met at the Pennant Hills Hotel, I do remember several quilters came up from Canberra just for the day.

When the smoking laws changed, they turned 'our' room, into the smoking area which was very unpleasant so although we were right next door to a patchwork shop we decided to move to the Blue Gum Hotel in Waitara which we did in October 2007.

 Several years later the Penno Pub underwent a big renovation with not only it's rooms but with the dining as well and is now called the Hotel Pennant Hills.    We try to get together here on the second Saturday of each month but continue to meet, when possible, at the Blue Gum Hotel in Waitara on the first Saturday.

When I came across this photo I thought it would be fun to bring along something we'd made 10 years ago for our 'Show and Tel'l, and we did, what a fun day it's been.

Six of those in the photo above were present at the Pub yesterday!  We often see Six of the others in this photo, we know Beate was visiting from Canada at this time...  but are the others still out there somewhere in SCQuilters Land?

Some very new and very inspiring handwork and some very old but still inspiring handwork happening at the Pub yesterday.

Will you take a close look at what our Liz is up to.  This printed piece of fabric was given to her by a teacher who showed Liz how to pull threads from other similar fabrics and use those very threads to embroider over the pattern... incredible isn't it!

Michelle is making so many wonderful patterns with this crochet rug of hers and aren't the colours just fabulous together!

Wow!  Nola is still working on her blocks that around an old SCQ Sigs, I can see a couple of names I know here but there will be more in the 'Show and Tell'  :-)

I was using up old wool to knit another square for Wrap with Love.

Irene's Crochet Square which is probably going into a blanket for a charity, Irene is always crocheting or knitting something for a charity.  Lovely idea :-)

Another block for Jill's Hexagon Quilt.

At last, at last... Heather is on her last block... we've been watching these blocks come along to the Pubs for more than a year I think and I've loved every one of them hoping she finishes soon so we can see the finished product!  Not long now folks :-)

Binding by Marilyn... love the backing fabric, you can see more in the Show and Tell photos.

Loving these fun but difficult looking blocks being made by Kathleen.

Now someone told me Lynne was making bricks... I thought they were joking until I just saw this photo I took... now I can see the bricks, is it the 'Yellow Brick Road' Lynne??

Nice little stars being made by Christine.

Lissa blocks are growing and growing in number, I think this quilt is going to be enormous although yesterday Lissapoo said she thought she might make the actual quilt smaller than she first thought she may do.

Another pretty little hexagon by Glynis.

Binding by Cath.

Hey and what's this below!     It is...  Sticky Fig & Prosciutto Bruschetta.    I wish I'd ordered this one it looks seriously delicious.  Oh well there's always next month!

It was suggested... by she who must be obeyed... that we bring along some fabulous 10 year old quilts or something else we'd made 10 years ago... here's the fun 'Show and Tell' result.

This is a Challenge Quilt made by Heather several years ago.
Another quilt made by Heather called Bricks and Mortar designed and taught by Mary Ellen Hopkins... thanks Heather for the reminder.

This quilt of Irene's is a Swap Block Challenge she made with friends from Saudi Arabia at least 10 years ago.

Two lovely old quilts made by Lissa for her daughter I'm guessing.  Holly Hobby was very popular several years ago.

This is a little quilt made many years ago by Liz, it was all about the beading she says and can you see the baby turtle on the left?  there are another couple of interesting things on the right top and bottom... what are they exactly...

Wow!  Very spectacular old quilt made by Marilyn, I think she said it was a fabric swap or something similar... I really must listen more closely!

Here is Nola's old SCQ Sig Quilt... can you see my Swap Sig, it does standout just a tad!    Lots of lovely names here and can I see two Wombats Jennifer Richardson? 

Here is the front of the quilt Marilyn was binding.  See why I love it sooooo...  :-)
The backing fabric is fun as well. 

Michelle tells me this crochet rug isn't exactly 10 years old but the wool's are...  LOL!  Well that's fine by me and passes all the tests!  And it is rather lovely isn't it.

Now will you please take a long look at the quilting on the back of my 'Naughty Jane' quilt.    It is absolutely amazing isn't is!  and I am very ashamed to say that I had forgotten just how clever the quilting was until I was packing it to bring to the Pub.   I love it!   I also must admit to being not 100% sure who quilted it for me???   HELP please :-)  was it you Nicole?

10 years or so ago a lot of people I know were making 'Dear Jane' Quilts.  I loved the patterns but couldn't see myself using similar fabrics or making so many blocks but I wanted to get into the fun so I decided to be 'Naughty'... yes yes...  I know it's not the first time.

Anyway  I had some lovely bright hand dyed fabrics and I was into black at the time so I decided to use these colours to make my blocks... then I had another naughty idea!  Instead of piecing the blocks I would applique them so they would look similar but they just weren't!

I did have fun making the number of blocks I ended up making and I still love the quilt which sits on the back of one of my couches in my sitting room and if 3 1/2 boys are very good they can keep warm during their afternoon nap on a couch instead of going upstairs to their room (read Daddy's old room).

I did a grab and took this photo below from Craftsy... this is what the real 'Dear Jane' looks like.

Here we all are, lovely and cosy and happy.

Michelle took this photo and put it on our FB.

I couldn't decide whether to put this photo of Liz in our Show and Tell section or our SCQuilters Section... SCQers won because Lizzie is wearing this super jumper made for her by Lynne... and it's not 10 years old  :-)
Then Liz took her beautiful new jumper off and...  What the heck is she proudly wearing?

I know it's something very popular with those young things but I'm afraid I have no idea...  Hang on...   she's wearing a Halo so it must be good  :-)

Here we all are, busily chatting, sewing or eating.
It was indeed another Fun Day... Thanks everyone!