07 May 2011

Remember those two guessing comps I had last month... well the winner of the object was Bec and her stupendous prize is a batch of my very excellent Ovaltine Cookies.

There were several correct entries for the 'guessing the object' competition in last months postings so all the names went into a hat and the winner was drawn out by David, my DH.  The bell pictured was indeed a Camel Bell.   Jenny (who used to live in Jerusalem) called it a Goat Bell which of course I had to Google to check and she is indeed correct so her name went into the hat as well.

 Bec has been very diligent since the shock horror revelation that not a single SCQuilter had bought Show and Tell last month, here is her first piece.  This quilt is turning out fantastically isn't it.

And her Stars below... Wow!!   We are all very impressed Bec.

Jill whipped up this beauty using some fabulous fabrics designed by Lizzie House called 'Castle Peeps'.

And here is the quilt that Jill started making at the Blue Gum last month... Another little beauty.

Is this Jill once again???   I think it is... she must have had the quilts-guilts after last months no 'Show' :-)

Lovely babies quilt made by Heather.

Fabrics Heather 'Won' on Ebay, she bought boxes of end of bolts... they are 4 inches long and anything from 1 inch to 2 inches wide.  Heather was asking for advice on how to put them together... no better place to ask than the Blue Gum on the first Saturday of each month :-)

Liz received a big round of applause for her Show today, we've seen the squares coming along for a year now and she now has half her quilt together... so stay tuned for more to come.  Fascinating blocks all with stories to tell.
 ... and the back...

Brenda came along with her latest 'twelve by twelve' challenge, this months challenge is the Chartreuse... Wow!  I never knew what the colour chartreuse looked like... I do now :-)

Brenda also bought along this wonderful book with the first 'twelve by twelve' quilts in it.

Lyn was just finishing off this crochet shawl... she said it was just a 'tripple stitch'  for a non crocket-er that sounds very difficult! 

Very Glam Lyn... cosy and warm as well

Gillian calls this her LOUD quilt...  doesn't the yellow bring out the blocks well.  

 This is an old Susan Claire pattern that Jean bought along, Jean's sister Shirley has made the same quilt.

This fabulous Duvet Cover was made by Marianne over Easter, she said she sewed and sewed and it wasn't till she finished the top that she decided to turn it into a cover, she's lined the top with Pellon and she's used Velcro to keep her duvet inside.

I had to leave the Blue Gum earlier than usual today, to go to another party... and look what happened after I left!!  Dianne indulged in the Gelato with Persian Fairy Floss on top :-)    How Yum does that look eh!
 Look how much Dianne is enjoying... 
 Thanks for the photos Jill :-)