11 May 2016

This was the second month in a row that I couldn't make it to the Blue Gum Pub for our regular get together but have no fear Becky had her camera with her and has done a beaut job for us.

 I did book the room for rather more than were able to turn up... pity about the spelling of my name  :-)

 Just look at this beautiful delicate work, I wonder who this is for?

 I'm pretty sure these blocks were being put together by my friend Lissapoo!

 Now who can have been sewing this beautiful 'star', 16 segments, that's a lot.

 Omigollygosh, this is a different block, looking forward to seeing more of this one.

 Oh Wow!  how beautiful is this, a vest it looks like, I hope the maker wears it to the pub next month.

 Oh so pretty, I've always loved this sort of applique and I'm guessing it's Robyn?

 Wow!  What's going on with this one?   looks very very interesting.

 Aaahhh... I think I know who's work this is... Jill??

 I haven't seen this beaut hexie at the Pub before, it must be new, looks very pretty I hope you bring it next month... please :-)

 Aaaahh... some of my very favourite people  :-)  so sorry I missed you all :-(

 Heather?  I want to see more please :-)

 Some more of my very favourite people  :-) Sorry I missed you as well.

 LOL!  Now who is this I wonder?  Penny Smith?   just guessing.

 Oh wow, this is looking terrific... I wonder who?

 Now the detective in me thinks this is Cath's work,  am I correct?

Another interesting and fun quilt, I hope I see it next month please.