04 November 2018

Lots of lovely happy SCQuilty friends enjoying a day out of the heat and in the air con at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday!

 Emma wearing a lovely shawl she made with Bamboo and Penny.

 Fiona and Stephanie, this is Fiona's first time.

 Heather and Anne concentrating on the Menu!

Marilyn and Beck.

 Lynne and Jill.

Maureen and Pennie.

Busy hands making some fabuloous crafty things.

 Looking forward to seeing what this lovely handwork of Anne's will turn out as.

 Becky enjoyed last weekend at the FibreFest in Singleton, here's a couple of the things she did.
 Becks wonderful 'Floozy'  ??  below has me puzzled as well but it is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan.

 Jill always has some thing interesting and different underway, I wonder how this will turn out..

 Liz's own design made up from crane photos.

Below is a little shawl knitted by Lynne for Liz, I should have grabbed a photo of Liz wearing, yesterday wasn't a day for warm woolies though, it was far too hot!

 Delicate little stitchery is Lynne's latest project.

 Maureen was in a hurry trying to finish this quilt for a nephew.

 I was sewing the seams together in this jumper for DD2, this is the third time I've knitted this multi coloured front... I'm not game to say the last because if I do I'm sure to get another request!

 Ruth was also at the FibreFest last weekend, here are her hand dyed wools.

 I love this twist on the good old Hexagon pattern being made by Stephanie.

Steph also attended the FibreFest last weekend and here are her wools.

Food Glorious Food.

 Lamb Kofta.
 The most popular drink yesterday!

 This dish was called Poke' Bowl.


 Spinach and Feta Pide.

Gambari Piza... I get it in a box because I can't eat it all at once.

 Chicken Caesar Salad above and Salmon Caesar below.

 And... a couple of us enjoyed this Canadian Waffles with Salted Caramel Ice cream, seriously yummy!

21 October 2018

A few photos from one very happy day at the Pennant Hills Pub with a delightful bunch of SCQuilters.

 I'm pretty sure this was Anne's work, she was no where to be seen when I went around with my camera.

 Heather's masterpiece is coming along...
 This is what Heathers Quilt will look like when finished... I may be 173 years old by the time Heather finishes it but I can wait 😊😊😊😊

 Irene's crochet.

 Joy's felt applique.

 Lisa starting a new knitting project.

 Lynne's little mats.

 Maggie's wonderful stitchery... finished September she did yesterday.

 Maureen's applique, this is the top of a palm tree.

 Michelle's crocheting many of these wonderful shapes... WoW!

 I'm making these blocks for a Soccer mad grandson...  ooops sorry...  (Football)

Robyn's wonderful Hexagon diamonds... and like me she is very over 'Hexie's' as lovely as the result always is.

07 October 2018

More Handwork was being done than there were SCQuilters at the Pub this month... how can that be eh!!

 Stunning applique being worked on here by Heather, she told me she started it many years ago and puts it aside after a while to work on something else, looking at the size if those little circles I'm not surprised it gets 'put away' every now and then 😊

 Such beautiful crochet by Irene.

 I really don't know how Liz does this, she's 'just' copying the picture below into stitchery above!  Wow!  Stay tuned for the next time we see Liz and her wonderful work.

 These two also belong to Liz, she made the one above and the one below was given to her.

 Lynne is stitching more of these Coasters, just beautiful aren't they.

 Marilyn crocheting, I wonder what this will be.

 I was knitting away for my daughter Briony.  This is the back but don't tell her it's a surprise 😊

 Check out these tiny stars Penny is making, she tells us she has her... Lucy Boston together!!   Can't wait to see it Penny.

 Rita's Coasters that she makes for Flight Staff on her trips Overseas...

 Rita's Bunting.

 Cath's work... looks long and interesting.

 Selina's blocks... she was rushing off early so I didn't get a chance to ask what she was up to!!

Stephanie has started knitting a mystery something, she's not sure what but is enjoying using four balls at the same time 😊  Looking forward to seeing more...