17 February 2018

The Penno Pub has the bestest Food, Glorious Food! Not going to tell you what is what... you will have to go there to find out... plus I can't remember!

Just look and drool...

I know this one... my very favourite Duck Pancakes!!  Yay!!

Some Super Duper Show and Tell....

Lovely to see Claire after a long long long time... Here are three stunning quilts underway and almost finished.
This one above fascinated me, these blocks are all a sort of Hexagon, look carefully and you can see just how clever they are.

Lovely stars and Strawberries in this quilt below.
Claire's third quilt is a cat quilt for Josie's big bed!  The cats are slightly different blocks, how clever!

Lynne has been busy as usual making these three wonderful Laundry Bags for Soldiers serving Overseas!  how lovely it would be to receive one of these eh!

I put this little quilt on the SCQuilters Face Book page, these SCQuilters plus many more were at my home on 1.8.1998... almost 20 years ago!  Wow!  What memories.

Here is the finished top of my Bonnie K Hunter 'On Ringo Lake' quilt... it's going to my Grand Daughter Emily who turns 21 this year!  Just her colours it is!
Now I'm really showing off here... I have a column in the bi-monthly 'Australia Bus' Magazine and I'm loving it enormously... more to come  :-)

Rita sent these photos for the Blog, she couldn't be there today, she's off on a wonderful adventure... here is what she said...
 'Here is the baby quilt I made for my Chiro's baby girl Lucy.  Got the polar fleece backing in Tenn last visit, 'I love Mommy, I Love Daddy' couldn't pass it up.'

Never have I seen so much beautiful Handwork being done in a Pub. I have awarded a couple of First Prizes for the most done in one Pub Day!! Who can they be I wonder :-)

 Beautiful little butterflies being stitched by Ann, so soft and delicate.

Brenda was hand piecing this Bridget Giblin 'Trip Around the World', lovely isn't it.

Now let me introduce you to the 'Hexagon Gang' for today... firstly here are my 1/2" hexagons, a long time project... 
 Next we have Christine's, slightly larger Hexagons!
 ... and now we have Lisa's even Larger Hexagons!!
 How similar but so so different are all these hexagons eh!!   Oh well I think I know who is the silly one, why would anyone want to sew 1/2 inch when you can go bigger eh!!  Huh!

Irene has dug some old fabrics from her stash and has started a new project!  Looking good Irene!

Now Here is our First 'First Prize for the Day'... Jill just started with tiny small pieces of what look liked scraps, she lay them out very carefully and started sewing...
 ... and before we knew it she's finished the above block and finished a second block below!!! 
 Two Blocks finished starting from scratch!  Wonderful stuff Jill.

Amazing block coming together under the clever hands of Leigh!  Going to be a beaut quilt for one of her three little people who were all enjoying a day at the Pub with her... lucky they have a beaut playroom!

Lissa was working on this beautiful 'Bon Jour' stitchery.

Lynne seems to be able to do some really beautiful stitches in what looks to me a very complicated and hard to see pattern... looking forward to seeing the finished product that's for sure.

Maggie's stitchery almost makes me want to take stitchery up myself!  i just love these patterns, the colours and the whole thing.
 Below is what she has done before this row above!  Just stunning.

Maureen has dug out some fabrics from her stash and is hand sewing very pretty Log Cabin Blocks.

Michelle is our Second 'First Prize for the Day' SCQuilter!  Not only did she crochet one block...
 Michelle crocheted a second Block... but wait there's more...
 ... Michelle crocheted 3 Blocks in one Pub Visit!!  I'm impressed, very impressed!  Wonderful eh!!

We all know what Penny is up to... she tells me she only has two small blocks to put together!  Hurray!  Looking forward to seeing the finish Penny :-)

Lots of lovely lovely SCQuilters, some of whom we haven't seen for a while... Lovely to see you all it was!

Claire and Leigh.

Heather and Christine.

Irene and Ann.

Lissa and Maggie.

Maureen and Marilyn.

 Michelle and Lisa.

Pennie and Jill.
Sorry... I missed Brenda, Penny and Lynne... too much talking as usual :-)

04 February 2018

We are all so busy and important when we are at the Blue Gum Pub... just look at the work we're doing.

You will be seeing these for a year or two more...  slowing growing.

Irene was crocheting...

Eleanor was cutting in between Samurai Sudoku.

Kath's Hexies were just a tad larger than mine in the first photo.


Rita was giving these beautiful scarfs away.

Lynne has a new project underway.

Two more of Penny's blocks...

Jill loves these very modern bright colours.

Liz... what are you up to?  We will just have to wait and see I suspect.

Two beautiful scarf's of Becky's

Stephanie's work was fascinating the way it curved so neatly.

Heather was up to no good, fussy cutting something for something... hope we see what you are up to next time Heather.

My lips are sealed.

I reckon these Hexies are just a tad different in size... don't you!  I know which will be quicker to put together!!  Any guesses :-)