19 June 2021

It felt so good to be back at a SCQuilty Pub today, a small and cosy group on a cold windy day.

Heather and Rita.
Heather's stunning work and it was very exciting for her to finish the centre piece today!  Yay!
Rita started these hexagons back in 2013, it's good to get back into working on a piece this old 😉
Lisa and Maggie who is so very please to see me!
Lisa's hexagons, love those elephants.
I am always amazed at Maggie's very fine stitchery Wow!
Lissapoo and Penniepoo.
Lissa is crocheting a cream blanket,
Penniedarling is knitting these small squares for a blanket, at her 5yo Grandaughter's request.
Irene with her friend Jill, I knew Jill many moons ago when her son Jarrod played soccer with my son Tomos.

 Irene's Crochet.

Below is the booking that was placed on our table, I love how my surname has been spelt, it's exactly how I say it, Griffiths doesn't roll off my tongue as well as Griffits 😃


08 June 2021

Ten SCQuilters enjoyed a day at the Blue Gum Pub last Saturday, I couldn't make it but here are some photos to enjoy.

I'm not sure who belongs to which piece of work below, all sorts of wonderful handcraft that's for sure.

The first photo is of my 8yo Grandson who when visiting last weekend spied this Bonnie K Hunter 'Grassy Creek' quilt that I'd made this year and asked if he could have it, he's slept under it every night since plus snuggled under it on the couch in the afternoons, how heart warming is this sort of thing eh! I love making quilts.


11 March 2021

Yay! We are Back! First SCQuilty Pub meeting last Saturday at the Blue Gum.

 I couldn't make it so Liz took some photos and sent them to me, Wonderful!

Wow!  so pleased to see Rita's beautiful Monet Quilt, looking forward to seeing it in real sometime soon.

Love the label as well.

Several busy SCQuilters enjoying their handwork.

Rita and Ann.


Hope to see you all at the Pennant Hills Pub on Saturday 20th March!

01 June 2020

2011 - Christmas Recycled Swap at the Blue Gum Hotel.

 Gifts all ready.
 Ros above and below.

 Lisa W.
 Lucky Rita received the Golden Ship and tries a little sip.

 Lynne... no no it's not a hat Lynne, suits you though 😉

 Pennie... very snazzy Glasses, I know I gifted these to one of my children, I wonder who??  Must ask.