01 June 2020

2011 - Christmas Recycled Swap at the Blue Gum Hotel.

 Gifts all ready.
 Ros above and below.

 Lisa W.
 Lucky Rita received the Golden Ship and tries a little sip.

 Lynne... no no it's not a hat Lynne, suits you though 😉

 Pennie... very snazzy Glasses, I know I gifted these to one of my children, I wonder who??  Must ask.

2012 - Christmas Recycled Gift Swap - which was held at my home because there was... No room at the Pub!

 Marilyn received this Pencil sharpener Cat that meowed when in use... 
 We sent out for Pizza!  I remember it was one very hot day with lots and lots of SCQuilters from all over.
 Helen (who was the gifter of the Cat above) came up from Victoria.

 Lucky Heather received the Golden Ship.
 Cath received this golden bowl below.

2013 Christmas Recycled Gift Swap at the Blue Gum Hotel.

Our lovely Annie received the Golden Ship.  RIP Annie.

Becky received a lot of wonderful 'stuff'.

Christine S.
Christine C.
Gillian above and below.

Jean was horrified that she had been gifted 'That Cat'! but she did received lots of other goodies.

Munimba above and below.