19 June 2016

Lovely cosy day at the Hotel Pennant Hills yesterday, lots of lovely SCQuilters working on lots of wonderful handwork.

 Irene and Jill.
 Joy and Heather.
 Lynne and Colleen.
 Brenda, Lissa, Michelle and Loz.
 Michelle and Pennie.

 Penny Naughty Rita and Emma... 
 Penny and good Rita and Emma.
 Rita and Glynis.
Sally and Rhonda.

Lots of fun and different Handwork.

 Colleen was working on this amazing 'Block work'  I think it was called.

 Heather's little children's picture.

 Jill is working on a new project.

 Two more of Lissa's blocks made by Lissa.
One of Lissa's blocks made by Michelle.

 Loz finished these two blocks plus another and below are some she made earlier.

 Lynne's triangle blocks are being made into a bag, see below.

 Rhonda is making a scarf!

Joy was working on an old border she's left untouched for a long time she told me.

Show and Wonderful Tell!!

Pennie won these little balls of wool...  well that's not exactly true, it was Loz who won these little balls of wool and she showed her prize, which included many other things, on Facebook... I commented that really wanted them but didn't need them and Loz gave them to me in exchange of a small cup of flat white coffee!   Good Deal I reckon, for me that is!  Thanks Loz!

Just look at these little blocks Michelle has made, they will go into a bigger project I just had to make a mosaic of them... aren't they just wonderful.

 Did anyone leave this book behind by mistake... I know where it is if you would like it returned, just let me know.

 Glynis's quilt for a young lad, with a halo!

 Jill made this quilt and Emma just finished quilting it for her, the back below.

 Rita made this quilt for a young soldier, below the back.

 Rita made this laundry bag for a young soldier who loves the Sea.

 I love this little sewing purse made by Joy.

Very handy and very easy made little box for your sewing materials made by Sally.

Food Glorious Food.

 Chicken Salad.

 Duck and Pear Ravoli.

 Duck Pancakes.

 Fish Burger.

 Lamb Shanks and below... have you ever seen such clean Lamb Shanks  :-)

Salt and Pepper Squid.

05 June 2016

Record rain and wind outside with Record fun inside the Blue Gum Pub yesterday with a lovely lot of Quilters, Knitters, Stitchers, Crocheters and Lunchers ranging in age from 1 to 70+ :-)

 I'm loving catching up with the sweetest little Josie who bought her Mummy along to the Pub... just for a bit of lunch, Pizza... with some friends.

 Becky and Stephanie were there as were Cath and Irene below.

 Glynis and her sister Joanne were there so were Jenn and Sel.

 Aaahhh... here's the lovely Josie's Mum, Claire with Kate and Cherie below.

 Robyn (not my cousin but shares the same name) with Glynis.

 This is always a difficult photo to take, these three just can't be trusted you know!  Especially that one in the Middle!  :-)  One day I will get Lynne to open her eyes.

 Here I am with Emma and below here I am with Rita... I do get around don't I?

I've decided we need a Tiny Challenge... so here is a lovely 'Tiny -Little' Challenge for us.

 The Challenge...

To make one or two or ??  of these tiny little quilts by the next 'Blue Gum', First Saturday of the month Gathering - 2nd July 2016. 

It won't take long and won't use much material and will hardly cost a cent.  I know I for one have lots of lovely little bits of fabric scraps that I just couldn't throw away that would make some lovely little quilts for some dear little babies. 

See all info below....

Heather bought a couple of hers along to show us...  As soon as I finish my Blogging, I'm off to my sewing room... can't wait.
I wonder how many we can make.

If you aren't able to make it to the Blue Gum next month and would love to participate just message me and I will tell you where to send yours.