03 November 2013

It was warm outside but nice and cool and very noisy inside the Blue Gum Pub today, lots of chat, laughter and inspiration!

 The Special of Chicken Cacciatore was delicious today...

... and very popular!

Lots of lovely Show today...

 Selina's very handy bag...

 ... with a secret message underneath!

 Selina made this quilt for a cousin...

 Glynis is doing fantastically on her Blue Gum Challenge... looking very very good Glynis!

 Emma made this quilt to hang in this years Quilt Guild Show last June.

 This is Claire's Honeymoon Quilt, it was quilted in America while she was there on her Honeymoon with her new husband and delivered to her Hotel.

 Lots of lovely SCQuilters here today... 27 in total... unfortunately I didn't get photos of everyone...

 Penny made this quilt for a little person who loves ducks...

 Just look at this masterpiece, we've been watching Penny sewing the Hexagons for most of the year and now she's started hand quilting it!  Wow!

 Show and Tell has been interrupted...  Big News... Kate has basted one Hexagon!  this is a record for the Blue Gum, we've never seen Kate sewing here before... Well done Kate :-)

 Munaiba is sewing some silk from a Sari on this fabric for her DH, looking forward to seeing it grow.

 These fancy pants don't belong to Rita, they are her DD's... you have to love these colour chart tights don't you...

 One of the heaviest quilts we've ever held... made for Rita's nephew out of old jeans!

 Another quilt from Rita... the front above and below the back is a series of panels... great effect eh!

 A disappearing 9 Patch of Rita's.

 Very handy and clever crochet bag made by Annie.

 Lissa made this, Bonnie K Hunter first Mystery Quilt called Carolina Crossroads... it was a couple of years ago so it's lovely to see it at last.

This is the 6th time I've made a quilt like this one... this one is for my 6th Grandchild Remy's first Birthday...  as you can read in the sashing  :-)

Lots of lovely, friendly, smiley and happy faces...

 Irene, Penny and Lynne.

 Sharon, Rita and Leigh.

 Robyn, Heather and Maureen.

 Goodness gracious me... golly gosh and all that... Kate has basted 3!!!  all in one day!

 Munaiba  and the afore-mentioned Kate.

 Erica, Claire and Glynis.

 Jean and Becky.

 Jeanette and Marianne.

 Lissa, Maggie and Christine.


 Marilyn and Liz.

A miracle has happened...  Kate actually basted 5 Hexies during the day... this is a record for Kate.

Congratulations Kate!