11 September 2010

I missed the Blue Gum last weekend, I was in Canberra surprising DD2 Briony, for her Birthday... but thanks to Marilyn... here are some beaut photos of what looked like another lovely day...

Marilyn's Pauline Smith designed quilt.

Sue's little hexagons.

Lyn's Handwork.

Liz's handwork.

Front of Kate's hand dyed fabric.

Back of Kate's hand dyed fabric.

Kate's Handwork.
Back of Joy's Monkey Quilt.

Joy's Monkey Quilt.

Joy's Handwork.

Close up of Jill's Mini Log Cabin.

Jill with her Mini Log Cabin.

Jill's Japanese quilt.

This is the first time we've seen Jenny from Camden, here is her fabulous handwork.
Irene is knitting up a jumper she started many years ago.

Heather's handwork.

Glynis' little quilts for Charity.

Erica's handwork.

Dianne's handwork.

Claire's very funky shoe...

Look she has two!!  .

Bec's Handwork. 
Kate and Heather.

Liz, Penny, Irene and Lyn.

Glynis, Joy and Erica.

Jill, Sue and Jenny.

Dianne, Glynis and Joy.

Results of the 'Hand Challenge'.

The Winner... with 14 correct out of 16 correct is Lindi Jarman from Edgeworth, NSW.
Congratulations Lindi, how you did it when you have never been to the Blue Gum nor met any of the hands below... I just don't know.  Lindi says she just can't resist a Challenge!

A parcel will be on it's way to you this week Lindi.

1 Marilyn   ✔
2 Jackie    ✕
3 Joy       ✔
4 Penny     ✕
5 Claire    ✔
6 Glynis    ✔
7 Sarah     ✔
8 Liz       ✔
9 Lyn A     ✔
10 Lyn      ✔
11 Heather  ✔
12 Jill         ✔
13 Pennie       ✔
14 Nicole       ✔
15 Gloria       ✔
16 Belinda      ✔  14/16