06 June 2010

June at the Blue Gum! After a week of so much rain it was good to see little bits of sun as we sat and sewed and ate and chatted today with a lovely bunch of SCQuilters!

I asked if I could borrow Bec's book 'Knit one, Felt too', she not only bought the book for me she also bought some of her seriously funky hats made from patterns in the book... and even a bag.
I decided I needed this book so much I've bought myself a copy on ebay! I too want to look as funky as Bec :-)So who else was at the blue Gum today... you may well ask!

Joy and Jackie... all I said was... could you two move in a bit closer please, just pretend you like each other... I reckon this is the best photo of the day!
Awww well maybe this one IS better :-))

Bec and Irene B.

Bev and Sue.

Heather and Marianne.

Claire and Jean.

Erica and Jill.

Irene L. and Cath.

A second Marianne and Ros.
Marilyn and Pennie.

Liz and Lyn A. were there as well but I forgot to get a photo of them... sorry guys... next time.
Marianne needed advice on how to hand quilt this beautiful star quilt... Advice is something we have in truckloads at the Blue Gum so I hope we 'helped' Marianne LOL
Lyn made this quilt for a friends Wedding, guests signed along the cream stripes, wonderful idea isn't it.

Jackie and some work friends made this funky heart quilt for one of their friends daughter who has cancer! A wonderful warm gift!

Another beauty from Jackie.

Claire has finished her boyfriends quilt... he's going to love it isn't he. He's had to be told it's not for wrapping his drum kit in... so fingers crossed!

When I first saw this quilt of Ros' I thought... what an easy layout for such a terrific effect... but then I noticed how the blocks went together LOL not as simple as I first though eh!
I really like this funky use of fabrics from the stash... by Jill, simple but very effective.
Lyn A. is making this cushion for her grand daughter using left over fabrics from a quilt she made her last year! Very funky isn't it.

Marianne's hand work, very complicated looking blocks aren't they! Can't wait to see the whole quilt.

Liz's Frog Hollow!

Wow... Heather has done a lot more blocks since last month's Blue Gum.
This pretty little quilt was made for one of Sue's nieces.

Erica's really funky Sue Spargo bag.

Cath is learning to machine quilt, she's done really well with this one.

Bev made these place mats for a friend and needs some more of the fabric on the left... anyone have any? or know where to get it?

Gay sent these last 5 photos of the quilts she's made since she flew home to England last March... she's no slacker is our Gay!