08 June 2014

Just what are those Southern Cross Quilters at the Blue Gum... actually like? Well they are Very Chatty, Very Generous, Very Clever, Very Inspirational and Very Noisy!! That's what they're like!

 Here we are, comfortable and chatty and cosy on a crisp Winters day.

 Erica and Annette.

 Jill and Lyn.

 Kate and Lissa.

 Liz and Penny.

 Maggie and Michelle.

Cath and Rita.

 Pennie and Stephanie.

 Robyn D. and Heather.

 Robyn McG and Sue and Jo.

 Ros and Glynis.

 Sharon and Maureen.

Steph and Gillian.

Marianne and Ruth.

The noise level was high, very high but all those hands were busy busy busy... just check out this all this beautiful handwork!

 Annette #1.
 Annette #2.
 Maureen #1.
 Maureen #2.
 Pennie #1.
 Pennie #2.
 Rita #1.
 Rita #2.
 Rita #3.
 Robyn D.
 Robyn Mc.
 :-)  cute isn't it, it's a little bowl for scraps and tools.

 Steph #1.
 Steph #2.
 Stephanie McC.

Show, Show and more WONDERFUL Show.

 Lissa's mother made all these beautiful Hearts before she died suddenly... it's taken Lissa a few years to put them together but what a lovely job she's done of it.  Just warms the heart this quilt and the story.  Lovely.

 But wait... Lissa has more lovely quilts for Show...  A Jelly Roll above and below the Bendigo Signature quilt...  with Mmmmmmm... now I've forgotten, was it 140 Signatures Lissa?

 Here are the Signatures on this side of the quilt.  Great Job, I really like this SCQ Sig Quilt.

 And another Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  Show and Tell.

 Maureen wanted to have her Sashiko blocks framed... so what did she do...  she went to a class to learn how to do Framing!!  And just look at the result  Beautiful!   With more to come.

 Just look what Michelle made for ME!!

No she didn't... I'm just modeling it for her because she didn't want to... but I'm cannier than that, I stole the below photo from her Face Book.
 This lovely scarf looks much better on you than on me Michelle  :-)

 Look at the lovely hand quilting on this funky quilt of Munaiba's, very clever way to show the points.

 Another couple of Fun boys quilts made by Cath.

 Rita made this WOW quilt for a niece or was it a nephew, getting married in the States.
 Another Wow quilt made by Rita for a family member!

 Terrific label Rita.

 Great arm warmers to help keep Ruth's arms warm during those cold winter evenings.

... and check out this beaut funky bag that Ruth made.
 Very fun and funky cushion made by Stephanie N.  Looks like it was great fun to make.