05 February 2017

Busy busy hands making lots of lovely treasures.

Selina trying to work out how many little pieces she needs to join up these circles, it's an amazing quilt isn't it.

I've almost finished the front of this my 7th Aran jumper for family members, I haven't been knitting non stop though the first Aran I knitted was back in 1967!!  :-)   Just the sleeves to go when I finish this bit.

Jenn is quilting little crosses and circles on this lovely little quilt for a friends baby, don't they look great, like little stars.

Jean was binding, binding... we'll see the whole quilt in our Show.

Wow what lovely bright little Hexagon mats, Lyn was busy finishing these off.

This delicate stitchery is being made by Lynne for a friend who is about to turn 70!  Lovely.

Guess who!   Penny working on another Lucy Boston block,  I wonder how many more she needs.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

Glynis was working on watching her finger nails grow  LOL!!   Well that's what she told me, she didn't have any hand work to bring!

Lizzie, Lizzie this little piece is looking closer and closer to completion!  Next Pub gathering I wonder?

Cath was just basting this curvy fabric onto this border, she plans to machine it at home.

Love these scissors, oh and the crochet blocks being made by Emma.

Rita is making little somethings for Airline Hostess', not quite sure what so I hope we get to see some finished.

Annie's beautiful shawl is coming along nicely.

LOL!!!   I just noticed the arm underneath this Show of Steph's   :-)    Steph is knitting a Mystery something, it looks very very interesting and fun doesn't it.

Marilyn's beautiful delicate work.

Becky's little squares are looking lovely.

This has to be a Record!!   Ruth started this bag when she arrived and she finished it before she headed home.  I left before the finished product but thankfully Beck sent me a photo  :-)  Can you guess what it is?  I bet you can't.

It's a bag for her friends Bowling Ball!!  Wow!

WOW!!! There are some very beautiful amazing and wonderful treasures being made around here!

Annie made this 'Pussy Hat', we chose Beck to model it because she's best at keeping her eyes closed  :-)

 Selina does make some really complicated quilts, aren't they wonderful!  
 I know this post is Show and TELL but I can't always remember the Tell!   I do know there was something about five blocks that Sel was telling us about though.
P.S. with a little help from Heather...
Selena's quilt was part of an overseas swap where she only received
5 blocks, but should have been more.   She requested blue, green and
yellow, but the blocks she received weren't exactly what she was expecting

Jean was binding this lovely little quilt.

 Just look at this circle quilt made by Glynis,  is it square blocks or is it circle blocks?  It's both isn't it. And the back is similar!  Wow!

 Jen was hand quilting crosses on this little quilt being made for a friends new baby... how lucky are they!
 Emma's been busy, a Crochet Table Runner and a lovely big warm blanket.

 This is Rita's finished Mario Brothers Quilt made for a Soldier, fabulous isn't it.

This little band of Quilters live only 5 mins away from each other and started meeting regularly 14 years ago, each year we do a Challenge which is always fun. Our 2016 Challenge was set by Penny and it was a Garden Theme using Green, Applique, Four Patch and Embroidery.  Not all of us could be there yesterday but their quilts were.


These photos below were taken at our Revelation a couple of weeks ago so I didn't take close up's yesterday.






Pennie #1.

Pennie #2.

Knitters, Sewers, Stitchers, Crocheters some a little whacky, some a little funny but all of us enjoy one of our Pub Days! Yay!

I caught Emma with her eyes closed as well, but her smile is wonderful!    Cath's not quite sure what's going on.

Steph and Becky are always ready with a smile

Lots of busy SCQuilters!

Jenn and Sel.

Annie and Marilyn.

Rita and one very happy Heather!

Jean and Lynne.

Glynis and Liz think my camera is very funny  :-)

Tuppence!!   Well almost, Penny and Pennie!!