03 September 2011

There were reports of laughter being heard blocks away from the Blue Gum today... and the culprits were a bunch of SCQuilters! So come along and meet those responsible.

Marilyn and Marianne.
Jean and Selina.
Christine and Jill.

... But wait there's more SCQuilters...

 Heather and Jackie.

 Rita and Pennie.

Sharon and Joy.

Meet more and more SCQuilters...

 Kyishia and Claire.

 Liz and Becky.

 Dianne and Lillias.

Irene and that Pennie AGAIN!  It's either no photos or too many of her.....  LOL

Show and Tell for - Claire.

 Claire -  This is the colour chart that was used for the colours in the labels below that Claire's Mum designed the template for, Claire first saw the labels on a blog called Jaybird Quilts, click to see. 
Claire had the labels printed by Spoonflower.

Claire - finished the binding on these fabulous table mats today.  Hurray!

Show and Tell for - Heather and Jackie.

 Heather - is wowing us again with another fabulous project. 

 Jackie - was as prolific as ever with these two beautiful quilt tops and...

Jackie - is hand quilting this lovely Double Wedding Ring quilt for her just married  Son and DIL

Show and Tell for - Jean, Joy and Kyishia.

 Jean - made this quilt with her 8 year old Grand Daughter who managed the sewing machine very well up to the last few bits, it's been machine quilted and Jean was sewing the binding down for her DGD.

 Joy - made this spectacularly bright quilt and was just sewing the binding on.   Wow!

 Joy - has just finished the top of this Stack and Whack quilt using only New Zealand fabrics.

Kyishia - was also binding her 'Bento Box' quilt, made for her best friend... we all wanted to be Kyishia's best friend :-)

Show and Tell for - Lillias, Liz and Marianne.

 Lillias - has a brand new grandson named Toby, this little quilt is for him  :-)

 Liz - is onto a new project, fabrics from different countries... I'm looking forward to watching it grow.
 Liz - more blocks.

Marianne - was busy sewing this little beauty, I can't wait to see how it turns out, lots of handwork methinks!

Show and Tell for - Rita and Pennie

 Rita - made this quilt top using shirts bought from Op Shops locally, terrific result isn't it.

 Rita - is using all sorts of scraps for this quit, DD's school uniform included.

 Pennie - I'm doing fine remaking this jumper for David, first made in 1967 but almost worn out now.  Just 2/3rds of the last sleeve and I'm almost there.

Pennie - Kambrachallenge Quilt top... go to the Blog to check out the other quilts made for this challenge.

Show and Tell for - Selina, Sharon, Becky and Christine.

Selina - made this very pink quilt for a friend who loves pink and just got married in Tasmania.

 Sharon - is piecing away on this lovely quilt, still a fair way to go and she is dreading the arms that go on the heart shapes.
Becky - is knitting socks, she tells us she can make three socks from one ball of wool... that's handy isn't it  :-)
 Christine - is using up all her 1930's fabric for this pretty little hexagon quilt.