01 December 2018

It's always... Fun, Fun, Fun at the Blue Gum!

 We enjoyed our usual room all on our own... there were 14 of us here today, I know... we aren't all in this photo.

 Jean dug out an old project and managed to get a whole row put together.

 Cath was binding just as I was below.
 This quilt is more than 40 years old, I put these squares together back in 1977, in England,  to hide an ugly couch, I didn't know anything about Patchwork back then so it was just these squares.  When we returned home I turned them into two Duvet Covers... and it was only just this year that I decided they really needed to be quilts... so I will have two single quilts when I finish binding them. 

 Irene was busy knitting away...

 Lynne is stitching a???? 

Aaaahhhh...  a Bird!  That's what she's stitching, hope we see more of this another day.

 This looks good fun, being put together by Ann.

 Heather was binding.

Joy was sewing down this funky Magpie!

 Fiona was quilting... Hey we are a Quilting Group but I think Fiona was the only one actually quilting!!  Yay!

 Liz was stitching a Reindeer... another one to come I suspect!

 Ruth was knitting a hat and she certainly managed to get a lot of work done today that's for sure.

 Becky and Stephanie were knitting the same jumper can you tell who is doing which colour??
 Here they are... Becky in Green and Stephanie in Pink!  I think I need to knit this pattern, I really like it.

 Becky is modeling Marilyn's shawl.

 Check out all the beautiful work that's gone into Stephanie's little bag, just lovely!

.... and talking of Beautiful, I just love this bracelet belonging to Liz, she bought it in Paddington recently... made from old cutlery... what a clever idea!

 This is what Heather was binding, a Christmas Wall hanging for a friend.

 Becky has been to a hand dying course, how lovely are these two.