16 February 2019

Handwork of all sorts at the Penno Pub today.

 Ann bought this lovely little frog Pincushion from Craft Depot, made in the Philippines.
Below is the Applique that she was busy working on today.

 We saw Heather making up these little pieces a couple of weeks ago at the Blue Gum,  she has now appliqued then onto this block... but wait there will be more!

 Irene was 'Scarf' knitting once again, she is known for all her wonderful scarves.

 Jill was also working on this very interesting Applique.

 Now this is a funky little piece, it's a Mug Mat for one of Lynne's Grandchildren who likes Books... how clever was it of Lynne to find some Selvages that could have been book titles, very clever!
Below is another little stitchery Lynne is working on.

 I knit these little dolls out of all my little balls of left overs from Jumpers and so on, then I give them to the Hornsby Hospital Shop.

 Now this is going to be interesting, Penny has finished the Tree Applique and soon she will be able to sew the leaves on, can't wait till next time Penny.

 Rita and her Monet Garden quilt, this is just a segment and very soon she will be able to start putting the segments together... can't wait.

Show, Show, Show and Show...

 I dug deep into the Grandchildren's toys and took along these little dolls.   I knitted one for each Grandchild in order of when they arrived, they do love playing with them when they come to visit and remembering who is #4 who is #7 and so on.

 A little raggy quilt for a Great Niece who will be arriving in a couple of months.

Rita made this lovely quilt for one of our Soldiers serving overseas.

Penno Pub was very quiet today, the quietest ever.  There were eight of us which was just lovely, easy to chat to everyone.  I know a lot of SCQuilters went to the Craft Show at Darling Harbour, do you think a lot of the Penno Pub's regulars were there as well??

And below is a photo of a Banner Yan Pring helped a friend to make, she sent this photo to our FB Group... thank you Yan!

Food, Food and yet more Food, which was the most popular meal for today do you think!

 Duck Pancakes with no Onion.

Barramundi Tacco Plate... Wow!

 Caesar Salad.

Sticky Squid Salad.

 Waffle Fries.

 Duck Pancakes #2 with onion.

 Sticky Squid Salad #2.

 Sticky Squid Salad #3... the most popular for today.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

02 February 2019

Lovely to see lots of SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub today it was.

I put out a 'polite' request for Show and Tell and boy oh boy did these SCQuilters come good!  Many inspiring works of all sorts were shown!  Wonderful stuff everybody!

A couple of very snazzy pairs of socks made by Bec.

 Cath - Foxes above and below lovely and bright.

 Emma - cute little pots of flowers on this little mat, and below a seriously funky Pin Cushion, Emma bought the actual pin cushion from a friend and she screwed the cup to the saucer, very clever.

Erica - Fresh and light, is the way I would describe this quilt, lovely.

Fiona - Isn't this quilt WOW!  made for a family member who loves sailing.  What a wonderful idea  to use signal flag messages eh!

 Liz - Love this copy of an ancient something and below check out this... and I don't think I asked or found out what this fabulous 'thing'  actually is... silly me.

Lynne - aren't these terrific, laundry bags for our Aussies in Service overseas.

Marilyn - tells us this beaut quilt is a Bonnie K Hunter pattern, not one of her Mysteries though.

Pennie - This is my first attempt at putting squares together 42 years ago, now turned into two quilts, the green flower fabric is left over from my oldest daughters school uniform.  I did put these on the Blog a fortnight ago but had forgotten to take them along that time.

 Rita - Great Hexagon pattern in this quilt isn't it and below is another of Rita's.

Selina - Bought along three fabulous quilts, lovely and bright.
 I love what the white borders do to this quilt below.

 Steph - Bought a long a couple of lovely fresh beauties.

Stephanie McC - Bought along a couple of the books she's just put together for herself and her family... and yes that is a photo of Stephanie on the book below, how cute is she!

Lots of lovely handwork to inspire one!

The handwork that is bought along to the Pub each time and busily worked on all day is always very inspiring, I love working the room with the excuse of having to take photos.

Beck is knitting these socks, she says it will be the only pair because the pattern is rather tricky and when worn she won't be able to see how beautiful they are anyway!     Below is a lovely Bec shaw!

Cath was tying in loose the ends of this project she's working on.

 Lovely to see Erica today and the beautiful fabrics shes using in these blocks, what I also loved was the tin she has her handwork in, I do love old tins like these!

Also lovely to see Stephanie McC joining us all the way from Albion Park Rail today, she was knitting a beautiful baby blanket.  We've seen blankets online, just like this one selling for over $600.00,  Stephanie bought the 100% fine wool for just $2.00 a ball.

 Fiona is knitting this shawl with this wonderful pattern making wool, I am continually amazed at the patterns wool such as this produce, very clever isn't it.

I wonder what the heck Heather is up to now, always got something spectacular on the go... but this?  what can it be?  We will have to stay tuned won't we.

Irene was working on another scarf for a charity, she told me she had intended to bring along something totally different but???? 

What a fun centre in this very complicated block that Jen was working on.

Just look at this fine work being stitched by Liz, I think she said it was going to be a book cover.

Very funky Hexi / Four patch blocks well underway by Lynne, love all those black and white fabrics!

You know my crafty life is pretty boring when this is all the handwork I have to do.  Next SCQuilty Pub Day I promise Penniedarling with have a new more interesting piece of handwork to work on! 

Rita working away on her lovely Monet Garden Hexagon quilt, this is a life's work that's for sure.

Robyn was working on a new project, or maybe an old one... looking good Robyn.

Selina's nice bright stars look good against the grey background don't they.

Steph knitting up another cardi, looking lovely Steph.