07 March 2009

It was 'That' time of the month once again and the photos below are of our 'Show and Tell' at our day at the Pub!

Heather decided to do another Bonnie K Hunter quilt and chose Star Struck, I loved it so much I decided to do it as well.Heather's little girl quilt.

Pennie's finished Hexagon quilt... the side of each hexagon measures 3/16th's of an inch.

Pennie's Star Struck using scraps of blacks and brights.
Above... Bec stoically quilting her stars for her local Quilt Show in May...

What you may not have noticed in the photo above is Bec's clever eye ware. Bec needs bifocals to hand sew but they will cost about $500 so she thought she'd try these $10 specs over her normal specs and they work a treat... and with a saving of $490 she's a real winner! LOL

Lyn's hexagons that will one day make a big star.

Lyn's little boy quilt.

Jean's little girl quilt.
Jill's Hexagon Stars.
Penny S

Marilyn's Scrappy Quilt.

Two Charity quilts made by Marilyn.

Liz didn't have any hand work so just grabbed some squares on her way out.
Kath's little girl quilt.

Check out this amazing quilt of Gay's, we've been watching her hand sew these reversible blocks, with wadding, over the last two years when she comes to Australia... this year she got all the blocks together. I've photographed them with the light behind so you can see what's on the other side... and if you look at the bottom of these two photos you can see what the quilt will look like on a bed.
The other side of Gay's quilt.

Gay's St Ives 'Currency' Challenge... A map of Zimbabwe with currency notes ranging from 50c to 100 Billion Dollar notes.