02 July 2011

First Saturday of the month means... Quilting at the Blue Gum... So lets start by meeting some SCQuilters. (In alphabetical order) :-)

Becky from Ryde - is almost finished sewing Pink!

Cath from Minchinbury - is working through a lot of UFO's
Claire from Artarmon - wait till you see her Show and Tell.

Dianne from North Rocks - escaping a new pasta machine bought by her son. 

Erica from Parramatta - had a very happy hour or so putting names to her Kona fabrics from the Chart Claire lent her, see her swatches just above the chart.

Gillian from St Ives - no use hiding we know who you are.....

Heather from Thornleigh - working on her Candied Hexagons
Irene from Pymble-knitting her daughter a poncho, the pattern and colours of which were chosen by her DD.

Jackie from Clareville - Bottle of ?? I wonder what?

Jill from Thornleigh-binding a quilt from another's castoff fabrics.

Lilias from Waitara, just joined SCQuilters and came along for the first time, nice to meet you Lilias! Welcome to the Blue Gum.

Liz from Epping - working on her Aussie quilt.

Lynne from Waitara - started the embroidery of this babies quilt.

Marilyn from Bungan Beach - with some new applique.
Pennie from Turramurra North - Well!  Today we had a discussion about how the photographer is never in the photos, I even told how my DD2 Gwilym, took photos at our last family gathering because I'm never in the photos and of course he wasn't in any for that day... and there I went forgetting to take a photo of me!  So as a consolation prize I get to put up any photo of me that I like!  And... I like this one :-)  taken on Christmas Day in 1968 in England, my first White Christmas!
Rita from Turramurra North - Rita read the article about us in the Northside Magazine and asked a neighbour of ours if they knew me, I've only known her for 40 years!  So Rita knocked on our door and came along today for the first time.  Welcome Rita! 

Robyn from Pymble - just popped in for lunch and to say hello!
Stephanie from Thornleigh - had a break from her DD's netball, a school holiday treat for Mum.
Wendy from Chain Valley Bay - Another SCQuilter who finds it hard to come down to the Blue Gum during term time, I think Wendy came further than any other...

Just some of us.....

Lunch Time!! Silence please - everybody eating... the noise level does indeed lower to almost silence once the lunches arrive, not quite silence but to a much lower level than the normal, sometimes 'deafing' chatty laughing level.

 Chicken Schnitzel was very popular today.

 A blurry Blue Gum Burger.

Pizza is always popular.
 One of today's Specials was Rabbit with Mash.

 The Steak Sandwich is always good as are the chips.

Popcorn Prawns, how yummy does this look!
 Parmesan Battered Flathead and Chips were also popular.

 Duo of Duck! Wow!  by now Gillian is getting a tad upset at people eating Pets what with Rabbit and Duck, poor Gillian.

More Delicious Pizza

Sorrt...  I forgot to get a photo of the Beetroot Ravioli!
And for Dessert... Sticky Toffee Pudding with Cinnamon Ice Cream and Persian Floss.

Show and Tell was terrifically prolific this month.

 Beck knitted this Shawl.
 Looks very cosy doesn't it.

 Beck's (I'm never doing this again) Round Robin.  This is the first time Beck has joined in an online Round Robin and she found it very stressful but Wow!  What a result.

Beck's - (After this there will be NO more Pinks!) handwork.
 Our Buzzer Quilts - When I spoke to Peter at The Blue Gum, he suggested that we'd told a little white lie in the newspaper article, which white lie in particular I asked, the one about the quilts for the Lunch Buzzers he replied.  Here are some of our Buzzer Quilts Peter, they help to soften the noise when they go off to tell us our meal is ready.

 Kath is prolific as ever, she's digging deep into her UFO pile... a couple of these below, are for a Charity.

These are hexagons and made of silk, the quilt is intended for the Anniversary of friends of Cath's, which is coming up soon.
 This is Claire's 'T' Shirt Quilt, made from 'T' Shirts from school, overseas trips and just favourites.  Doesn't that beaut border bring it together wonderfully, but how to quilt it!  That is the question.

 Gillian's Horsey Quilt for a friend in need of a bit of TLC, she is a horsey person so she'll just love it.

 One of Gillian's UFO's from deep down in her stash is coming back to life.

One of Jackie's Quilts made in her sewing room at work, this one is for a very special little girl who is going to need a lot more operations to make her well, she loves Tinkerbell :-)
 Another of Jackie's Charity Quilts.

 I think Jackie has saved what could have been quite an ugly quilt with this Log Cabin setting, don't you!  It is rather spectacular.

 Jill's quilt made from someone else's left overs, don't those old fashioned toys look great.

Lilias's Dragon Quilt for an about to turn 2 year old Grandson, he will just love it.
 Lilias is knitting herself a jumper.

 This quilt of Marilyn's is absolutely enormous, I love the circular quilting, really makes the quilt I think.

This is my Show and Tell.  I knitted this jumper for my friend 44 years ago, he loved it so much he decided we should marry, so I knitted myself one as well.  His is almost worn out but mine is in perfect condition (well maybe that's because mine shrunk in the cupboard and I haven't worn it as much).  Anyway I had thrown out the pattern and then decided I needed to knit this jumper again so with a little clever searching I found the original pattern on Ebay... now to find the same wool... Villawool  which is no longer available :-( 
 Rita did show us her Hexagon WIP upside down but we had so much trouble trying to work out what the pattern was she turned it up the right way!  Can you see what she is making a picture of?  Hint, there is a lot more to go on the right of this picture.

 Stephanie's Candied Hexagons all finished.

Lynne is making this beaut star quilt for her Grandson's 8th birthday, he requested no flowers and green, his Mum suggested some blue as well.  I love the border on this quilt, simple but very effective.