06 November 2016

25 of us lovely ladies at the Blue Gum yesterday and it was another very busy day.

Knitting and crocheting are still proving very popular at the moment. Lessons in crochet were being conducted at opposite ends of the room.

Annie was knitting this clever little rug where you cast on and off within the colour you're working on and don't have to 'sew' your blocks together at the finish.

She also had this lovely crochet piece with her as well.

Becky was working on this knitted shawlette

Kate with her stepped knitted shawl

Lynne working on her crochet project

Lyn was demonstrating her crochet project to Robyn 

Robyn was creating her own under Lyn's tutelage

and Irene was looking at her crochet

Irene's basket of wool, used for inspiration I think.

Christine was quilting a whole cloth cot quilt with perle thread

Cath was working on her hexagon project

Jackie was working on her hexagons as well

Emma was binding

Gina was adding applique to the corners of her quilt

Stephanie has made great progress with her Smitten blocks

Liz working on her stitchery/embroidery

and Selina choosing fabrics for her next bag. Working feverishly on colour combinations and cutting of the required pieces.

The pattern

and the final colour choices for the next bag!

and one finished earlier for inspiration!

Lynne's cross stitch key tag

Yes, it's heading towards that time of the year again. The Christmas decorations are already up at the pub.

Bag show and tell. Selina modelling her bags, they looked great.

Bag number 1

Bag number 2 which I believe will be a gift to a lucky recipient

Selina's quilt show and tell. Gorgeous colours here

Show and tell.

Jackie seems to have a red and white theme running through her quilts at the moment.

Quilt number 1

Quilt number 2

and a close up of the blocks and the quilting

and the back looked like a whole cloth quilt with its beautiful quilting

Quilt number 3

and a close up 

Cath has been very busy as well

Quilt number 1

Quilt number 2 which Cath has quilted for a friend

Quilt number 3

Quilt number 4, a printed cot panel

Gina's quilt almost finished

Rita has finished another quilt top for an Aussie Hero who wanted a Mario Cart themed quilt. Rita was lucky enough to find some Mario Cart themed fabric and used it to surround some great Super Mario Brothers blocks which  she increased in size for this project.

Rita also had a completed laundry bag for another Aussie Hero who wanted 'uniforms' as the theme for the bag.