03 June 2013

A lovely smaller group of SCQuilters joined us at the Blue Gum on Saturday... the noise of the chatting, sewing, eating and laughter wasn't any less though :-)

 First up is the newest member of our Blue Gum Group... 6 day old Owen!
 Jenn and her 'Show and Tell' ... we were all very happy to meet this little man, a brother for little Piper who we've met a couple of times :-)  Lovely family Jenn.






 Becky... at the beginning of the day and below...

Becky...  at the end of the day :-)  See some of us do actually get a lot of work done!

 Annette... still trying to encourage me to become one of the Happy Hookers  :-)  No no no...








... and Jill!

I can never understand this Blogging business, I went through all these photos and decided I'd put them up in reverse alphabetical order... so I numbered them, copied them all together... in order... and they came out like this?  They aren't even in the order I took the photos??  So why does it do that I wonder?  If I upload them one by one they come out the way I choose... but not if I copy them.
Doesn't matter one little bit but it mystifies me :-)

Food Glorious Food.

And so to the Show and Tell...

 Jenn's Show and Tell attracted the most attention :-)

 Hello Owen... you are a little sweetie :-)

 Sue's amazing quilt, that we've seen her hand sewing for a few months now... is finished!  Wonderful stuff eh!  So very beautiful.

 I do love the finished products from these 'Happy Hookers' but ... I don't need to learn how to crochet do I?

 Marilyn and Annette have done a great job haven't they.

 This is my Show and Tell, I didn't make, I just had it framed and I really really needed advice.

This lace collar was made almost 100 years ago by David's Great Aunt Mergellina, I have heaps and heaps more similar to this one.  I had this framed in a special box with heritage glass, backing and so on and was told it was hand stitched down and not glued.  When I took another 5 to be framed the quote had doubled in price making a total of $3,300.00!!!  with the explanation that the lace took the girl 3 hours to sew down.

So... I thought... I am a good seamstress, if I could do the sewing down I would only have to pay for the framing... So... I bought it along to the Blue Gum for advice!

Well!!  With a Great big Thank You to the very sharp eyes of my new best friend Selina... I've discovered that this lace has been taped down!  It may have been sewn down as well but we can't tell!  I will be making a trip back to those framers that's for sure!!!

Have any one of you out there in the wonderful world of the Internet... had some old lace framed?  Please email me if you have any advice.  pennie@iinet.net.au

 Back to the real Show and Tell... Selina's quilt.

 Embroidery by Liz.

 This is Liz's 'Blue Gum Challenge' block for May - One Colourway.  Wonderful stuff Liz, I have finished my April and my May now but you aren't seeing them yet.

 Sorry about the blur Sel, you have one very natty bag there.

 Christine's Owl quilt.

 Sorry Sorry Sorry... I've forgotten... Please own up so I can add your name to this very beautiful quilt... I remember someone telling me they had learned to do Feather Quilting... was it you Glynis?

Postscript... here is an email from Glynis, she says it better than I can...
Yes the little quilt with feathers is mine. It was a long ago started, 'lifetime' to complete project which never really went anywhere. Sick of the pieces lying around I used most of them in this little quilt and decided to quilt feathers on it. Been practicing those feathers with pen and paper for a long time and 'bit the bullet'. I'm really very pleased with the results.

And now for some wonderful Show and Tell from the two Queens of Charity Quilts.  Both Rita and Cath are very prolific with quilt making especially for one charity or other.
Congratulations Ladies, you are much admired!

 Rita made this front and back for another Aussie Soldier.

 I'm pretty sure this is Rita's??
 Rita made this one for a friend's wedding... lovely fabric below isn't it.

Cath tells me she's made 20 quilts in the last month  Wow!  Below are just some of the 20.

How silly am I... don't answer that! 
This is Irene's quilt and Emma quilted it, Emma gave it to me and I bought it home for Irene to collect as she couldn't make it last Saturday.
My brain must go to mush after so much talk, laughter and food :-)

01 June 2013

The SCQuilters 'Blue Gum' Mystery Quilt Challenge - Step Five!

Either in the fabric or in a block or pattern of your choice.
Pinterest is a place to find inspiration.