06 February 2010

Today at the Blue Gum was wet wet wet but cosy inside. I wasn't able to go today so these photos come courtsey of Marilyn hence some of my comments.

This is the Erica we know and love... with Kath.
This is the Funny Erica we know and love...

And... this is NO Erica at all!
I think our friend Erica has a problem with knitting... yeah! I think that's what's going on here LOL See last months post!

This is the Bedford Foundation Mystery Quilt Pack that several of us are doing this year... I haven't received my pack yet so am seriously jealous of the SCQuilters who have and especially those who have started already!!

Kath has started her Bedford Foundation Mystery....
Diane working away.
I'm thinking the pattern on this book is what Diane is working on... at first I thought it was a mini quilt and then I wondered why you would take a pretty bowl to the Blue Gum. It's a magazine.

Glynis, Marilyn and Irene holding up Marilyn's two similar quilts (except for the backing) for two year old twin girls.

Glynis working on her tiny diamonds and Irene working on her blocks below...

Bec and Liz hard at work...

Bec's new blocks, I haven't seen these before... nice!

Liz is doing some fancy sewing on hearts now.

Gloria and Nicole, sorry I missed Nicole today, she's hasn't been for ages and it would have been nice to meet her Mum.

Nicole's A for Angel.
Sue's pretty little girls quilt.

Another of Heathers brilliantly fussy cut stars... gosh I love these blocks.

Claire and Lyn.

Clair's little star block.

Lyn's Iris Applique.