18 June 2017

Show and Tell.

 A lot of people have asked me if my Susan liked the quilt I gave her for her 50th Birthday, (I showed it last time at the Blue Gum)  she says to tell you all... YES she does, she says it's just stunning goes very well on her bed and is cosy and warm... Susan sent this photo of the quilt on her bed in Melbourne.  Wow what a lovely bed, just perfect for 'Au Provence'.

Angelic Rita has used scraps from some previous quilts and made this little quilt... more information please Rita.
Rita says...   The little pink quilt was made about 30 years ago out of scraps from quilts I made for my 2 oldest girls.  And now Lizzy, my granddaughter has it for her doll's cradle.  I had to do some repairs on it, didn't know much about quilting back then and the batting got messed up when I washed it.  had to take a side seam out, stretch the batting back in place then stitch it down properly.

 We've been wondering how Rita's 'Monet's Garden' has been coming along, it's been a while since we've seen her working on it.

 A stunner made by the very Angelic Yan!

 Another stunner put together and awaiting borders???  We've seen Lissa working on this one over the years, lovely to see it together.

This is Jean's Indigo and white quilt, lovely isn't it.

 Lissa's magnificent quilt all finished Yay!!

 The very Angelic Donna with her little stunner, I love these colours against the black and white, I also love the colours in Donna's bag below.

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