04 June 2017

Busy busy busy hands...

 Lizzie's handwork roll is coming along very nicely...  I love watching these projects grow each month or fortnight actually.

 Binding, Binding, Binding... something that takes forever and is sometimes the only thing on the quilt done by hand...  Cath is busy here.

 Lovely applique being done by Wendy one of our Newbies.

 Donna has her own little light for seeing this beautiful stitchery.

 Now... these are very interesting.  Yan totally unfolden one of them for me, they are a sort of Origami made from one double sided piece of fabric.   Very cute aren't they.

 Lynne tells me she will show me her finished product... I wonder what she is up to, these aren't her initials are they!!

 Another little Reindeer being stitched by Rita.

 Glynis has beautifully quilted each of these large hexagons for a friend and spent the day peeling off the plastic... what a mindless task but the end result is amazing.

 Lovely and big and bright applique being done by Robyn!

 Heather was doing applique as well, actually lots of applique today.

 And... would you believe it... only one person doing Crochet!  This is Wendy's work.

Penny's ...  I've forgotten... it will come to me... I know it's not Jane Austen... I know they aren't Hexagons...  Gawrd how could I have forgotten...

This has to be the most boring-est knitting I have ever done... 219 stitches and 89 rows in garter stitch and I have to do it twice!!!   A Cardigan for my darling Briony... don't tell her it's boring okay...  I will show you the finished product next week or so.

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