09 October 2016

Busy busy busy... Those who come to the Pub never have idle hands that's for sure... well it does happen occassionally but not often and not yesterday!

 Jenn tells me it's not her fault she's making this quilt, it's Selina's fault  :-)  I'm glad they both are, the quilts they make always bowl me over.

This photo below is of Sel's quilt... I had to look carefully but yes these two quilts are the same pattern, just very different colours.    I wonder if I need to make one like this.

 Jenny spent her day taking out the papers from the back of this wonderful to be quilt, she had all the strips sewn and over two days she spent her time pulling the paper off, didn't matter if she was in a bus, in a train or where ever, if there was a spare moment Jenny whipped out her strips and pulled paper...
 Still lots of strips to go but only about a quarter of what she's made.
 Here's the pattern Jenny made up so when her strips are sewn together they will look like this... it's a Christmas Theme, isn't it magic!  Wow!

 Joy was binding, binding and binding... just wait till you see what she's binding in the Show and Tell section.

 I love this block... I love fussy cutting... I actually love both fussy cutting and sewing.  Can't wait to see more Kate!  I wonder how many blocks you are making.

 Kathleen was funny, she won hands down for the competition of working on the oldest UFO!  She started this crochet in 1970... that's 46 years ago... hang on she doesn't even look 46, check out her photo in the photo section  :-)    The pattern came from an old Women's Weekly magazine.   Kathleen had forgotten how to crochet but she knew there were plenty of Happy Hookers who came to the Pub and Michelle was only too happy to instruct.  That's what we do best!

Below are Kathleen's two finished squares.

 Kathleen showed me these sewing machine attachments that make sewing blocks like this an absolute breeze...  I'd love to see her do one.

 Lisa's handwork looked amazing, she was folding these delicate squares of fabric and pinning them... I wonder what she's up to!

 Liz has done quite a bit of sewing on this interesting piece hasn't she.  Liz uses thread striped from similar shiny fabrics... the patience she must have!  Although we do know Liz has a lot of patience having seen the wonderful stitchery she makes.

 I do love fussy cutting and this block of Lynette's  is just fantastic.  She's making more using the fabrics below... I do hope she brings more of them along to the pub another day!

 I just couldn't help it... I had to take a photo of these, my clips are just a boring silver but Lynne's clips are Aussie Clips!!

 Michelle is on a roll with another crochet blanket...

 Penny working on her Boston... dang I've forgotten the name of this quilt... Boston something... you all know though don't you!   I remembered it myself!    Lucy Boston!  :-)

 Gosh Robyn does some wonderful applique, I wonder what this quilt will look like one day.

I was fluffing around with this doll and her doll, trying to knit the hair then the trousers for Grandchild #8's Baby Naming next Saturday... I hope I get them finished in time. 

Halo's shining over most of us today :-)

Lynne, I hope you shared one of your Halo's with Penny.
No Halo's for Liz and Kate but they did behave, they were just delightful.
Two perfect Halo's for Christine and Lynette.
Two and a spare Halo's for Joy and Kathleen.
No Halo's for Jenny or Lisa but they both deserve one or two in fact    :-)
Michelle has three Halo's, I hope she shared with you Brenda.
Sel and Jenn escaped before I could take their photos but ... you can't escape from me you two, you just don't get Halo's... this photo was taken exactly 12 months ago!!  :-) 
Just look at Heather and Robyn, sharing three Halo's very happily.
No Halo for me :-(  but the good thing is that Michelle's Halo is slipping .....   Yay!  at last.

Some days I just ask myself... how do they do it! How do these people think of such wonderful things to make, how do they design them, how do they work out the easiest way to make them and where do they find their inspiration... Here we have some Show, Show, Show and Tell.

Heather made this delightful dress up book for her grandchild, I remember something like this in paper when I was a child but these look a lot more fun.

Wow how beautiful is this quilt of Jenny's, shimmering away as it does.

And... check out what our Lisa is up to now, what fun does this jewelry look, made of metal it is.

Lynne is a lovely Granny, she made this quilt for a friend of her grand daughters who is a young Filipino lass studying in Canberra with no family in Australia.    It's made with Aussie Fabrics  :-)

Joy oh Joy, what Joy!    Joy made these two 'similar' quilts for her twin grand daughters... They are going to love these Joy!  I just enjoyed a few minutes finding the different colours in each one.

So many wonderful stitches in Michelle's crocheted rug, can you see the wonderful little bobbles around the edges?   Michelle wants you to  know that she hasn't blocked it yet!

This is a book Jenny is making for a class she will be teaching those new to quilting, the book it's self is a work of art in it's self.

I am ashamed to say I've forgotten who made this fantastic Tea Cup quilt... very clever it is.

01 October 2016

6 of us managed to get to the Blue Gum this morning on a busy Sydney long week end. It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Weather was a bit wild and cool to start but did eventually warm up a bit. No heaters required though, thank goodness!

The Handwork:

Rita's Monet's Garden

Stephanie working on something special as a gift

Irene starting another crochet project

Marilyn continuing with her previously started project

Glynis continuing with one of her hexagon projects and working on the layout of another

Unfortunately R*** arrived a little later and I haven't got a pic of her crochet shawlette project.

The food:

Creme Brulee, ooops already started!

Beef Eye Fillet, I think!

Szechuan prawns and baby squid.

Pork belly which was a hit with the lady who ordered it

Lamb burger and there was a Sticky Date Pudding to follow this but it disappeared very quickly, yummy apparently!

 and a delicious looking fish and chips

Next get together will be Saturday 8 October 2016 at the Hotel Pennant Hills. There will be a slight variation in the normal scheduled dates until the end of the year, so keep your eyes peeled.