04 June 2017

Lots of lovely happy SCQuilters came along on Saturday including two delightful newbies!

 Penny and Cheryl, a Newbie, hope to see you next time Cheryl and Penny :-)

 Lovely to see Donna once again and Cath.

 Lovely to meet Wendy our second newbie and great to see Yan again.

Unfortunately Emma couldn't make it to the Pub yesterday but Lizzie was there... not wearing this lovely shawl but wearing a wonderful jumper knitted by Lynne.   (I know I'm playing with your minds aren't I  :-)

 Stephanie and Annie were there.

 Pennie snuck in behind Becky.

Heather and Marilyn enjoyed the day...

 ... as did Glynis enjoying one of Ruth's delicious Brownies (Oh bother why didn't I take a photo of those beautiful Brownies!!  Silly Pennie)    Robyn is loving sitting beside Glynis enjoying her Brownie!

Now these two are playing tricks on you, can you see the difference in these three photos????

 Did you notice what Rita and Glynis were up to?????

Don't forget Lynne and Jill, enjoying some joke of sorts as usual... that's the wonderful thing about these Pub Days... always people smiling and laughing and chatting and ooooooing and arrrrrring...  being inspired!

Great Medicine it is... a Day at the Pub!!


FlourishingPalms said...

It's always nice for me to see from afar what SCQuilters are up to. You work so hard, Pennie, to take pictures of all the foods and everyone who attends. Kudos to you! Hellos to old friends in the group!

Pennie said...

Thanks Linda, I enjoy putting the photos up and so on, it's a lot of fun.