09 August 2012

Some more fabulous photos from our SCQuilter Gathering at the Blue Gum Pub last Saturday.

 I know this is supposed to be a Quilting Blog... but didn't the lunch look terrific!

A slice of the talent from our Southern Cross Quilters... Wonderful stuff as usual everyone, I loved seeing all the photos.

I'm sorry I missed catching up with all you lovely SCQuilters :-( Looks like it was another lovley day!

 Jill, Lynn, Diane, Becky, Kerry, and Liz.

 Becky, Kerry and Cath.

 Becky (Hey are you in every photo Bec?),  Kerry, Liz, Lucy, Joy, Irene, Heather.

 Irene, Heather, Cath, Jackie, Sel, Claire and Lissa's beautiful DD.

 Sharon... (Thanks for all these photos Sharon, they are really beaut!)  and Marilyn.

Lissa with her beautiful, almost finished, Hexagon Quilt.

There is always Wonderful, Wonderful Show and Tell at the Blue Gum!

 Lissa's Hexi Quilt has all it's flowers, not to finish it off eh Lissa!

 Jackie, prolific as ever with several quilts.

 Jackie's Butterflies are coming together very nicely.

 This stunning quilt is for a boy called Elija.

 Gosh!  This is #4 from Jackie, another beauty!

 Sel has been busy with this beauty!

 Cath's very pink quilt with a clever love heart in the middle... Looks great Cath!

 A lovely little quilt for a small child from Marilyn.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Lucy is up to with this quilt.

 Our other Lucy with a beaut quilt all but finished.

08 August 2012

I missed the SCQuilters at the Blue Gum last Saturday... I was busy preparing for a party of my own... but a couple of friends sent some photos for you all. This is just a taste of what's to come... check these photos out and I will add to them in due course! Enjoy.

Lots of terrific Show and Tell.

 I know who this quilt belongs to... I've watched it grow and grow over the years...  Looking GREAT Lissapoo :-)

 Kerry's Australia Quilt, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next on this quilt.

 I'm also dying to see how this quilt turns out, I've seen the plans for it and I'm thinking I need to make one just like it... but I don't think I can tell you who it belongs to I think it's a secret!    I do know though!

 Wow!  Jackie this is another of your little beauties.  Jackie travels a long way to and from work each day and doesn't like to waste the time so she does this sort of stitchery on the bus,  all the regulars know her :-)

 Jackie again...

 ... and Jackie yet again...

But wait... there's more... Jackie is so fantastically prolific!

 Work in Progress.

 This looks like Marilyn hiding behind her terrific quilt.

 Is this Cath hiding behind a quilt??  I love your new haircut Cath!

And lastly but not leastly... the beautiful Sel with her stunning quilt!

Yummy Yummy food...

 Yummo!  Don't those figs look delicious...

 Mmm.... just lovely...

 How can a salad look so delicious...

 Oh yes!  Trust me, these Burgers are good, very very good...

... and so are these yummy sandwiches!

02 August 2012

And the WINNER is... Ros Bickford from Harden, NSW.

With her comment on... Why was Heather embarrassed?
'I think Heather was all embarrassed at having admitted to doing some serious housework, such as polishing the furniture -  instead of spending quality time doing some quilting!'
Congratulations Ros, this beautiful pack of fabrics is on it's way to you today  :-)