06 October 2013

I've 'borrowed' the words of one of our well loved SCQuilters on Facebook yesterday evening... 'Home from my monthly visit to the pub. Thankful to spend that time with intelligent women who share their stories and make me laugh.' I couldn't have said it better!

So who was at the Blue Gum yesterday...  Jill and Liz.

Sue and Jean.

Irene and a sound asleep Lynne...

Erica and Ruth.

Pennie and Lissa.

Annie and Christine #1

Christine#2, Marianne and Gillian.

Heather and Cath.

Sharon and Maureen.

Rita, Glynis and Leigh.

Pennie ... admiring...

... Going...


Lots of busy hands making wonderful Handwork!

Annie is making a bag with these squares... I think we may see it next month :-)

Christine #2 hard at work.

Christine #1 on her Hexies... I love the Shirt as well don't you.

Erica sewing one more block of her quilt, so lovely and fresh.

Gillian's made lots and lots more circles.

Irene is knitting her second last square... maybe we'll see the almost finished blanket next month.

I think this is Lynne's handwork??  Help please.

I just love the greys in these Hexies of Jill's, she says she surprised herself by finding them all in her stash!  We've all had surprises like this haven't we :-)

Lissa tells me she usually gets 4 of these little blocks done on a Pub Day... she did finish that last one before she left, so all is well!

Yes... That's Liz hiding behind that great big screen.
This is Liz's project that has to be in this week... it's bark of a tree.  So many different stitches in there, just amazing!

Marilyn's little squares are growing and growing in numbers.

 This is just one of Maureen's Sashiko squares, I hope we see more of them next month.

Now these fabrics are fascinating, Rita's Daughter got them from the clean up after the filming of 'The Hobbit'.  They are so different and some are wonderful to run through your fingers, others like the one below are so beautifully textured... I wonder what Rita will make with them?  Stay Tuned!

There is something I really love about these drink coasters that Ruth is making, the colours, the pattern, the edge... just lovely.

Selina cutting, cutting, cutting her new project.

Sharon is well into her next project, just lovely little stars... and that big one is pretty special as well.

Sue's Tin of Hexies...

And now to our 'Show and Tell'.

Cath trying out her new quilting machine #1.

Cath #2 - for Grandson.

Cath #3 - for Nephew.

Cath #4.

Christine C's 'Blue Gum Mystery'... Christine decided to use up her stash of William Morris fabrics for this Challenge... she tells us she still has enough William Morris to make another two or maybe three or maybe more.   Familiar story isn't it :-)

Christine #2.

This is Step 8 of Liz's Blue Gum Challenge which is 'Hexagons'... look hard there are several little hexies amongst the flowers.

At last I've finished this quilt for my niece Hayley!  She's probably forgotten what it looks like :-)

What to do with my left over 'Mick Aston' wool...  without having to make a third cardigan!!   I'll add some more fringing but it still won't finish up the wool.

Rita #1 is for a Soldier in Afghanistan.

Rita #2, this quilt is for a nephew in America.

Rita #4 front.

Rita #4 Back.

Rita #5

Selina made this Quilt for her Hockey Coach who is a Balmain Tiger Fan... Selina managed to get some of the other team to help out with the blocks even though they aren't quilters... Great going!

Sue made this lovely little Quillow for her nephew.

The quilt inside the Quillow... has lots of references to the letter 'B' for Ben.

Jean made this latest Susan Claire Mystery... which is just striking isn't it.