08 November 2010

Lots of us at the Blue Gum last Saturday, it poured with rain most of the day but that didn't stop our chat, sewing or lunching :-)

Every few months or so Bec drags these stars out from the bottom of her cupboard and adds some more to this spectacular quilt... it's coming along nicely isn't it!

Erica with her 'Pinks' Kambrachallenge, you can check out more of the 'Pinks' here... Kambrachallenge

Can you read who this quilt has been made for?  and why? and by whom?  This is the fifth quilt I've made similar to this one and I love it when the siblings of the little one receiving the quilt are just as excited as I am when they are first seen... lots to see for a little boy here.

Marianne's Quilts.

Marianne's version of Bonnie K Hunters Double Delight... lots of us at the blue Gum have made this quilt and many more of Bonnie's designs as well and there are a few who are keen to make her new one coming up, check it out 'Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery'

 Marianne's version of Bonnie's 'Carolina Christmas'

Jackie's Quilts.

100 Hearts for Jackie's daughter, each heart has a special message and there is one more message on the back of the quilt.

Jackie's Double Wedding Ring.

Jackie won this beautiful quilt at the St Ives Quilt Show last month, several of those at the Blue Gum had made a block for this quilt.

04 October 2010

It's been a Wet Wet Wet long weekend in Sydney, but it was nice and cosy for the dozen or so SCQuilters who met at the Blue Gum on Saturday.

Lyn W's making a lovely soft wool animal quilt. 

One of Robyn's Liberty Dresden Plates.

 Munaiba is making these lovely pin cushions.

 Penny S's 'Quilt Shop' cross stitch.

Liz's woven blocks.
 Sue is working hard on her little hexagons.

 Lyn A is making a little purse for her Granddaughter.

 Great big pile of Claire's Candied Hexagons... I had great fun scattering them all over a table... but then she made me pile them up again!  Oh well them's the breaks!  :-)

Robyn is making this pretty little hexagon quilt with no one in mind, probably for a charity!
 Claire's starting to make Christmas Decorations... here are three little box frames all ready to hang.
 One of Claire's Frames. (BTW... you win Show and Tell this time Claire!!)

 Heather has finished quilting this quilt her DD made when she was still at school, DD's first child is due in a couple of months.
Detail of one of the Teddies.

Munaiba's Quilt.
 Heather's hand painted Lorikeet made in a class with Helen Gooden.  You can actually see Heather working on this piece here...  http://www.helengodden.com/

 Liz's Australiana Quilt.

 Jean has just been to Japan and couldn't resist these Hankerchiefs... she has no idea what to do with them though.  (We all know that feeling don't we... you just have to 'have' them :-)

Food Glorious Food...  (real food, not on quilts food)  Chicken Pot Pie with Cranberry Sauce and Camembert,  Fish and Chips,  Blue Swimmer Crab cakes with Mango Salsa and Chicken Caesar Salad.... Yummo!!

11 September 2010

I missed the Blue Gum last weekend, I was in Canberra surprising DD2 Briony, for her Birthday... but thanks to Marilyn... here are some beaut photos of what looked like another lovely day...

Marilyn's Pauline Smith designed quilt.

Sue's little hexagons.

Lyn's Handwork.

Liz's handwork.

Front of Kate's hand dyed fabric.

Back of Kate's hand dyed fabric.

Kate's Handwork.
Back of Joy's Monkey Quilt.

Joy's Monkey Quilt.

Joy's Handwork.

Close up of Jill's Mini Log Cabin.

Jill with her Mini Log Cabin.

Jill's Japanese quilt.

This is the first time we've seen Jenny from Camden, here is her fabulous handwork.
Irene is knitting up a jumper she started many years ago.

Heather's handwork.

Glynis' little quilts for Charity.

Erica's handwork.

Dianne's handwork.

Claire's very funky shoe...

Look she has two!!  .

Bec's Handwork.