03 November 2012

Very comfortable we were today in our new refurbished room at the Blue Gum.

 New tables and chairs.

 New lined and painted walls.

 Even a new ceiling.

 New carpet on the floor.

And... even a new herb garden for the kitchen. 

Now for some seriously lovely Handwork.

 Claire's amazing colour wheel.

 I win the prize for the most boring handwork!

 Penny S. is making this Christmas Stocking for her granddaughter, there will be lots and lots of Bling added.

 Cath working through the border of some wonderful masterpiece.

 Becky has more of these blocks coming along nicely.

 Two enjoying their crochet rugs.

Liz has almost finished her Swap Cards...  makes me sort of wish I'd joined the swap myself.

Some more lovely lovely handwork.

 Robyn's ongoing quilt.

 What is Sel up to here I wonder!

 Claire cutting our her new project.

 Paddy's beautiful Tapestry.

 Annette's making these lovely blocks from a bag of wonderful wools.

 Marianne at work on another fabulous quilt.

Sharon's quilt is partly made by machine partly by hand, it's going to be a stunner.

More lovely lovely handwork.

 Stephanie's Hexigons.

 Rita's fabrics for her next quilt.

 Lucy was hand quilting in circles.

 Jenn with her much admired quilt labels and her next project below.

 Lynne's Block.

 Irene is crocheting around the edges of her rug.

Sel's Hat!

Show Time!

 It's Wonder Woman...  Selina in disguise!

Irene made this quilt for a friend's baby, the friend gave her the fabric with the sheep on it, which is fabric used in the baby's room, Irene put it in the centre then worked around that.

 Liz made this wonderful sewing case using a pattern from Hatched and Patched.

... and more Show...

The black and white above and the colour below will be turned into a double sided play mat for my brand new grandchild due on the 3rd of January :-)

This is my Kambrachallenge for 2012... the Challenge was to make something that  you've always wanted to make but had never got around to.
I've  always wanted to make a Penny Rug but a quilt not a rug, so I made this with woolen fabrics and some plain cotton... it's my 'Pennie Rug' and I will never do it again, too fiddly and I found it hard sewing the cotton fabrics with the woolen fabrics, too much movement.  But I love it and so do many of my family who all covert it....  It's mine, mine, MINE!  :-)

See what the others did in the Kambrachallenge by clicking.

Here is Heather's version of the Bedford Quilt for 2012, she changed the setting a bit and added the blue sashing.

Lynne made this little quilt for a swap so we will look forward to seeing what she receives when it comes.

... and yet more Show...

Look at these very funky Mario Bros blocks, Glynis has made two of each and there are more blocks to come... I hope she brings them along next month.

Pennie trying to help Claire show her Circle Quilt...  it's an amazing quilt with an amazing method of making up but by the end of the day my head was in a mess so I can't for the life of me remember anything :-)

Just look at this stunner from Marianne... she was going to make this quilt using reproduction fabrics but she thought is just wasn't working so switched to these fabrics... Wow! 

... Stay with me, there's more Show...

Irene made this beautiful knitted rug for her daughter, today she was crocheting around the edge and managed to make it half way before heading for home.  Wonderful and soft and just delicious.

Cath has been prolific once again, making some of these quilts for charity and some for friends.

Wonderful stuff Cath!

.... so to the Final Show and Tell for this month.

More stunners from Rita, all for the Aussie Hero's.

This was the Crochet Corner...  and my lips are sealed  LOL!