16 March 2019

Happy day at the Penno Pub today, lots of beautiful handwork going on... Three Knitting, Three Stitching, Four Applique and one sewing.

 I was knitting what looks like a Christmassy jumper but it's not.

 Yes you read correctly... Maggie was stitching this beautiful piece for Lisa.
And Lisa will have this little scarf ready for this winter, not much wool to go now.

 Heather was appliquing hit little beauty.

 Jill was appliquing more of this Mmmmm  border.

 Ann was appliquing this lovely piece.

 Lynne is making a key ring holder for one of her Grandaughters, and below a couple of pot holders also made by Lynne.

 Irene was knitting this lovely shawl with this beautiful wool.

Joy was sewing some Applique.

Penny has done a fair bit on her stitchery since we saw this a couple of weeks ago.

 Rita's daughters Girl Guide badges above and below Rita's Pot Holders to gift.
Below is a Quilt Rita made for her mother many years ago.

Look at us all, heads down and working away, the only head that wasn't down was mine... because I was taking the photos!

02 March 2019

It was a fun day today, with a group of lovely happy friendly people at the Blue Gum Pub, thanks for coming everyone.

Sixteen of us all up.

 This was Anne's first time at the Pub, hope you enjoyed yourself Anne.

 Becky's sock... well actually it's not Becky's sock, it's a sock she's knitting for her son!  Wow!

Ruth was knitting this lovely scarf.

 Emma made this lovely little pin cushion from left over crochet, stuffing it with left over batting.
 Below is Emma's lovely bright crochet blanket with not one colour the same!  Wow!

 Fiona's scarf above.

Below is Glynis's Hexies! more of this later.

 Heather's beautiful applique.

I love the ball of wool Irene's is knitting this scarf with, lovely touchy feely it is.

Liz is onto a new project, a stitchery of Trees.

 Lynne's stitching a big bird.

 Penny was stitching a smaller bird or two.

 Pennie is knitting David a warm woolly vest!  As someone said... looks very Christmasy!

 I think these Hexie's belong to Rita but???

Robyn's new block, I think out of the 16 of the Southern Cross SCQuilters who came to the Pub today, only three were doing Quilts 😃

Some yummy food was enjoyed today.

 Anything Irene bakes is always delicious but this brownie was seriously YUM!  And some little chocolates from Ruth.

 My Pizza was pretty good.
But I believe... from all the groans and sighs... that Becky's 'Poke' was well worth the wait.

Show and Tell.

 I love the little dog that attaches to Becky's scarf.

 Glynis has almost finished this hexie quilt.

 Marilyn started last years BKH Mystery but didn't really feel comfortable with the blocks together so just made this smaller quilt using the blocks she did like.

 Pennie has been busy using up all sorts of scraps and wools... Four baby Raggy Quilts to give to the Shop at Hornsby Hospital and below, 13 little dolls for the Hospital and one little doll for another Great Niece of mine due in a couple of months.

Penny Smith is so delighted to have finished her ... ??? ... Of dear I've forgotten the name of the pattern.   Just stunning isn't it!  Lucy Boston?  Yay!

Our little local group had a 'Black and White with a Touch of Colour Challenge' last year below is Irene's quilt.

Lynne's Challenge.

 I sort of did two Black and White with a touch of colour... above my Black and White with a lot of colour and below my Black and White with a lot of red!

 Robyn's Challenge.

Penny's Sashiko!