11 September 2014

We aren't Quitters that's for sure... we are SCQuilters and Quilters though.

 The Reserved sign in our room at the Pub.

We've got a lovely bunch of SCQuilters,
There they are, all sitting in a row,
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head,
Give them a twist a flick of the wrist,
And they'll make something warm...

 Annie and Stephanie.

 Heather and Marilyn.


 Jill and Lynne.

 Maggie and Lissa.

 Maureen and Lizzie.

 Michelle and Emma.

 Pennie and Lyn.

 Penny and Irene.

 Ruth, Marianne and Gillian.

Selina and Rita.

Sorry I missed you Kerry and Lucy  :-(

Handwork - Boy oh Boy! are we productive, busy and so very clever... even ambidextrous in some cases :-)

Some people may call us 'Bag Ladies'  well... I have to tell you, these are the bags for about one quarter of the 'ladies' at the Pub today  :-)

Annie's beautiful blanket is well underway.

Emma is making one spectacular quilt here.

Gillian is on a roll with her beautiful shawl's... plural!

More blocks of Heather's, they so remind me of Milly Molly Mandy, the Bobbsey Twins or the Secret Seven or any of those lovely old books I read as a child.  The School Bus is almost finished.

This is a girl Ice Skating with a friend.

Irene has a few of these blocks in her stash already, this is the next one and they are all different patterns, fun eh!

Jenn sewing down the binding of her 'secret' quilt.

Kerry is well underway with her Hexagons, they've grown in numbers a lot since I last saw them.

Lissa is Crocheting a bag... here she is at the beginning of the day and below at the end of the day.  It grew quite a lot in her few hours at the Pub...  but I did hear that this might be too tight and needed to be reversed stitched and is now back to square one since I took these photos.

Liz is always sewing something fascinating and totally different to what most of the rest of us are up to.

Very fine work by Lucy... I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Lyn got these two, plus a lot more done last Saturday.

How beautiful is the stitching on this funky bird of Lynne's!

Look just how fast Maggie is Crochetting her blanket.. see the ball of wool spinning...

Marianne hand quilting a beautiful star quilt.

Another stunning Sashiko by Maureen.

Michelle is knitting this shawl, she's made a few crochetting so this is something different.

I'm knitting something with my left over wools... 374 stitches on this needle.

Penny has the plans and the wools for her next Cross Stitch picture... this one looks to be another beauty.

How good is this Rita!!!!!  I wish I could motivate myself to cut my scraps into usable sizes, all I need is a box, a small mat, a small ruler, a cutter and some fabrics all together and... just do it.

Ruth is knitting a shawl with two strands of wool and using these enormous needles... she did a lot in her hours at the Pub.  It's lovely soft wool as well.

Selina preparing lots of pieces for her stunning blocks that we showed last month.

Stephanie was rushing to finish off this cardigan for a wedding coming up soon... she did get it done I believe.

Food Glorious Food, Hot Sausage and Mustard...

Chicken Supreme - Grilled Breast w/ smashed potato & silverbeet rosti, topped w/ a mushroom ragu sauce.

 Garlic & mozzarella pizza.

 BGH Burger - Angus beef pattie, bacon relish, lettuce, pickles, melted cheese, onions, fresh beetroot & aioli.

 Steak Sandwich - Sirloin steak, cheese, aioli, onions, roquette, semi-dried tomatoes & relish on toasted sourdough.

Lamb Burger - 200g Grilled lamb pattie, halloumi, beetroot, roquette, yoghurt & sweet potato scallop.

Vegetarian Pizza - Artichoke, onion, mushroom, red capsicums, basil & green olives.

Garden Burger - Crumbed eggplant, halloumi, onion, shaved cucumber, tomato relish, alfalfa sprouts & pesto mayo.

Brownie Finger - Cookie dough & choc chip ice cream between swirled brownie & salted caramel.

Show and Tell - always Wow, always Inspiring and always Warm and Cosy.

Annie's beautiful blanket almost finished... the vote was to keep the ends and add more... much to Annette's surprise :-) and below... Annie's finished crochet blanket.

WOW!!!!!!  Heather made this absolutely stunning and fascinating and beautiful quilt for her Grandaughter Kiri!  Such work and fabulous quilting... my eyes just keep finding something new to look at. 

Jenn's secret quilt, with Unicorns on the backing... this quilt is for a magazine so I can't show you the front.
Another beautiful quilt of Jenn's.

Jill is hand quilting this funky Hexagon quilt... I love it, so different to most Hexi quilts with those interesting blocks.

Marilyn always surprises us with WoW quilt after WoW quilt...  That fabric with the big circle is from a friend who recently visited Africa.

Michelle with two absolutely stunning Shawls... and so soft and cuddly as well.... and I just love them!

Penny with her beautiful cross stitch all framed and protected from fingers and dust, we've seen this grow over the months and there was a tricky bit happening a while ago but what a great result.

Selina... as productive as ever with these two stunning quilts.

AND...  The Winner of the Most Productive SCQuilter for the Month... is Stephanie.

Stephanie with a little quilt she whipped up for a friends child.

Stephanie's Lovely stripped blanket.

And Stephanie's Hexagon Dilly Bag.

Lastly but not leastly... a big Hexagon Quilt just finished by Stephanie!