04 January 2014

Lots and lots of lovely SCQuilters were at the Blue Gum today, two from Melbourne, a couple from Newcastle and the Blue mountains and all around Sydney. Lovely day once again. The request went out early in the day that I take the SCQuilter Photos in 'Soft Focus'... I only aim to please :-)

 Annie and Ruth.

 Becky and Sharon.

 Emma and Erica.

 Heather and Stephanie.

 Irene, Lynne and Liz.

 Jen with the Aqua hair!

 Kate and Munaiba.

 Marilyn and Jean.

 Pam and Rita.

 Pennie and Joy.

 Shirley ... chatting chatting chatting... actually there is nothing nicer than wandering around chatting to fellow SCQuilters.

 Sue and Claire.

Wyn from Melbourne and Lissapoo from Newcastle.

I missed Gillian and Kerry... next time.

Lots and lots of very inspiring Handwork!

 Annie's lovely crochet rug.

 Becky is onto something new.

 Emma busy binding.

 Erica was knitting and reading Ruth's book.

 Gillian is busy with a lovely little knitted baby blanket.

 Another of Heather's blocks... can't wait to see this masterpiece.

 This is a bit mean, Irene had this block finished by the time we were leaving, I should have taken a photo of the finished product shouldn't I.

 Jean was pressing the seams of her little blocks with her little wooden iron.

 Delicious fabrics belonging to Jenn.

 Joy is working on a new project.

 Fascinating blocks of Kate's.

 Lissapoo is working away on her cotton reels.

 Look at this... look at this... just look what Liz has made.   It's an evening bag that she takes with her when she goes to Formal events or to the Theatre!!!      :-)  Nah... I'm just joking, it's her new sewing bag.

 We've been waiting for this... at last Lynne is adding her Donkey.

 I think this lovely knitting belongs to Marilyn!  wonderful colours aren't they.

 Munaiba has almost sewn enough little Bow Ties, she tells me the next round is going to be Bow Ties twice this size... that's a good idea isn't it!

 Pam admiring a photo of Jean's quilt.

 Oh Wow!  I'd love to see more of this quilt... it belongs to Pam.

 I keep telling myself I am never doing hexagons ever again... but I just need to finish off this 12 year old project... then that's it... no more hexagons!

 Rita is up to something different, she was busy cutting out her felts and managed to sew two pieces for us to see what she is up to... see below.

 Rita found this quilt on the Carrum Downs Blog a while ago, she likes it so much she want's to replicate it.  It's the Signature Blocks from the Sydney Retreat made by Bronwyn. Fabulous isn't it!

 Ruth is making these lovely little crochet flowers.

 Sharon was planning to cut out I think but got tied up reverse sewing her quilting.

 These blocks are fun aren't they, I think Shirley was doing too much chat to actually put needle to thread today  :-)  same as me, I was busy chatting and taking photos but I did manage to sew a couple of stitches!

 Lovely Hexie's and lovely fabrics belonging to Stephanie.

 Sue is making a couple of little girls quilts for some nieces who will be born this year.

Wyn knitting, knitting, knitting away.

I've had comments about the lack of photos of our 'Food Glorious Food'... so here you go... enjoy!! I hope you've eaten :-)

 Beetroot Salad - with roquette lettuce, cherry tomato, walnuts, onions, goats cheese and pesto served with sourdough.

 Chicken Burger - Herb and Spiced crumbed chicken, lettuce, avocado, cheddar, tomato relish and caesar.

Beer Battered Chips.

 Fish and Chips - Pale Ale Beer Battered Fish, salad, chips with house made tartare sauce.

 Bravo Mini choc dipped gelato cone.

 Margherita Pizza - no olives but with a bit of pineapple instead.

Slow roasted crispy pork belly - mashed potato, vanilla apple sauce with 'waldolf salad'.

 Pale Ale Prawns x 2 with peri peri sauce and fried shallots... plus a shared portion of chips.

 Pulled Pork Plum Spring Rolls - with apple, lemon and ginger dipping sauce.

 400g OP Rib Eye Cutlet - 'Certified Australian Angus Beef', Grain Fed, MSA, Murray Darling Region, NSW.

 Szechuan squid with lime yoghurt dip with Pale Ale Prawns.

 Steak Sandwich - Sirloin Steak, aioli, cheese, baby roquette, semi-dried tomatoes and tomato relish on toasted artisan sourdough.    With Tomato Sauce!
 Steak Sandwich - Sirloin Steak, aioli, cheese, baby roquette, semi-dried tomatoes and tomato relish on toasted artisan sourdough.  Without Tomato Sauce.

Vegetarian Pizza - artichoke, onion, mushroom, peppers and olives.