16 July 2016

Just a small group of us at the Penno Pub today, lots of chat and good laughs with everybody sewing away at some wonderful project.

Here's what we got up to today...

 I love all these fussy cut Pentagon blocks being made by Gillian, isn't it wonderful what you can do with a bit of fussy cutting!
 Below is one of Gillian's thread holders.

 Heather's handwork is coming along nicely.

 Irene is knitting a cotton beanie for her daughter.

 This applique border of Joy's is coming along very nicely and I love her little sewing bag below.

 I'm loving what Liz is doing here and below is her sewing bag with a place for scissors and needles and threads as well.

 Gosh Lynne has been producing some fabulous stitchery, that's her flower above, her bird below and....

 Just look at this beautiful piece of work, looks just like a flower garden.

Maureen is stitching away with these wonderful old Japanese fabrics, she's replicating an old quilt, below are some of the blocks she's made already... looking fantastic Maureen.

Food Glorious Food.

The meals at the Pennant Hills Pub are always interesting and delicious. 

French Toast with Banana, Berries, Yoghurt and Maple Syrup.

 Red Beet and Goats Cheese Salad.

 Orange and Rosemary Lamb Shanks.

 St Helen's Pacific Oysters with Garlic Ciabatta.

 Sticky Squid Salad, three people enjoyed this favourite.

Chilli Jam Egg Noodles.

HPH Waagu Burger.

Show and Tell.

 Gillian had two lovely little girl quilts for Show.
 Top and Back below.

 I didn't have any new quilts to show so I bought three little Babushka's from my Collection.  Above there are two Babushkas that have something in common and one that is a bit naughty... can you guess which is which?

 This is one of my largest Babushkas, Mooks (An Australian made Children's Wear Company) has 10 dolls in it.

And this little set of Babuakas also has 10 dolls inside... the smallest one being smaller than a grain of rice.  Can you see the lady with the crown on her head is smoking as is the older man!  This is the only set of Babushkas (I have and I do have many 100's of sets),  with smokers in them/on them :-)

So... Bill Clinton must be the naughty Babushka!  Inside we have Monica Lewinsky, inside her we have Gennifer Flower, then Hillary and apparently Bill is fond of playing the Sax!
 If you would like to see Bill Clinton playing the Saxophone, it's HERE on YouTube.

03 July 2016

Eighteen of us enjoyed a fun day at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday, it's amazing just how much noise 18 happy Quilters/Knitters/Crocheters/Stitchers can make on a cold July day!

 Annie and Christine were there... we haven't seen either of these two lovely ladies for a while so it was great to have a bit of a catch up.

 Emma and Jackie were there.

 Glynis and Cath were there...

 Lynne and Liz and Jill were there as well.

 Robyn and Heather were there...

 Penny and Irene were there as well...
Pennie and Rita were there...

 Irene and Maree were there... but you already know Irene was there don't you!   It was lovely to see Maree all the way from Bendigo in Victoria!    Great to meet you Maree!

And... finally but not lastly...  Marilyn and Stephanie were there!

Busy busy handwork!

 Annie's lovely Crochet.

 I think this was Jackie, or was it Glynis working on these Hexies.

 Maree is working on something Magical here....

 I know this is Heather's work.

 And this is Jill's, I wonder what she's up to now?

 Stephanie busy crocheting away.

 Lovely and bright work by Robyn.

I'm up to the first sleeve of this Aran jumper for my DS1 Tomos!
Rita has half a dozen sisters so she's just not sure who she's making this little hanging for :-)

Food Glorious Food!

 Aubergine Pie!
 Lamb Shanks!  About four of our group enjoyed these delicious looking Lamb Shanks yesterday, I had to pop into Colesworth on the way home to buy myself 10 big Lamb Shanks which have now been cooked up following my very favourite recipe!  The one I had for lunch today was just delicious!
 Bacon Pizza??  forgotten exactly what it was but I do know the one below is Pawn Pie!

Crispy Squid.