19 March 2017

Small but Productive Gathering at the Hotel Pennant Hills

Yesterday may have been yet another wet and miserable day in Sydney but six of us braved the elements and hit the Hotel Pennnant Hills running.

Christine made a pit stop at Craft Depot, which is just across the car park and bought this gorgeous piece of theme fabric because she loved it ........... do did we! We might see it return shortly as placemats!

Christine was also working on some hexagons.

Heather was appliqueing beautiful diamonds.

Liz was working on an embroidery roll to carry her beautiful creations in.

M*#* was working on this gorgeous piece of crochet for a Grand Daughter's birthday.

Rita has been busy making pink and brown half square triangle blocks for a quilt for a nephew's upcoming wedding. There was an enormous pile of 10" blocks and I think she still has 11 more to make.

Glynis was also working on hexagons made with Japanese fabrics.

Even really wet and miserable days are better with cream, white chocolate raspberry ripple ice cream in fact!

07 March 2017

By Special Request... Irene's Yummy, Lemony, Crunchy Crumble Slice!


Put the following in the food processor and process until crumbly :

·      250g SR flour
·      75g sugar
·      Pinch salt
·      150g cold butter
·      1 egg
·      Vanilla extract

Press ¾ of the mixture in a square tin (11 or 12” square) or lamington tin and top with Lemon Curd or Jam.

Sprinkle remaining mixture on top and bake at 170C until golden brown.

(If liked, add some coconut or nuts into the top crumble)

Thank you Irene, you are a Gem :-)

05 March 2017

Several lovely friendly happy yummy and cosy hours were spent at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday, just delightful and once again very inspiring!

 Our day started grey and wet.... but then CAKE arrived!  Delicious macadamia topped gooey lemoney mangoey very yummy cake!  Thanks once again to...   Irene!

 The Gang part one!
 The Gang part two!   You know who we all are by now don't you.

Becky was knitting knitting knitting but she has hidden some very secret knitting she was doing for a Charity... It was very cool and funky so I hope we get to see the finished product sometime soon.

 Would you like to guess who this is?  Well if you can you will receive 10 big brownie points!!!   ******

 Jill was finishing the binding of this lovely little quilt made from fabrics given to her by the daughter of a deceased friend... this is a little memory quilt for the daughter, just beautiful.

 Kathleen is going great guns with these blocks, she bought herself a special foot so she doesn't have to struggle with the curves nor does she have to clip.   Looking good!

 What is Liz up to?  You will have to wait till next time so see the finished project I'm afraid.
 Liz proudly showing a Noro wool shawl Lynne knitted for her, how yummy does it look eh!

 Delightful stitchery by Liz called...  Dang!   Help Liz please... I know it's something to do with ???? no it's not coming.

 Lynne is stitching this little green Key Ring for her grandson who is just about to get his 'L's'!

 Marilyn wasn't able to come today but I did take a photo of this fabulous Hexi quilt two weeks ago... I love those rows in the centre.  Love the colours as well.

 I may be confused here so please excuse me... This strip of patchwork was made by Marilyn then given to Heather to make up a quilt for some Charity...  ?

 Maureeen was quilting this delicate coloured quilt.

 I am pleased to say that I almost finished knitting this sleeve last night, it will be finished tonight then I can start putting the jumper together for my DS2 Gwilym well before winter arrives.

 This block of Penny's  was looking very interesting but then we saw the almost finished block before we left for home...  Wow!!

Double Wow!

 Rita and her Reindeer.
 Rita made this great quilt as requested by her husband.
 I don't think Rita embellished this bag I think she bought it like this.

 Rita makes these Mug Rugs to give to Airline Staff on one of her many flights... they love them and sometimes there are rewards :-)

 Love this little dingle dangle on Robyn's scissors, so cute.

 Our much Lauded Robyn Dixon is onto yet another stunning big bold bright quilt... way to go Robyn and Congratulations once again. 
(Robyn was named a runner-up in Sarah Fielke's Happy Days quilt competition. Have a little look at her beautiful quilt.)

 Ruth is knitting another of these 'Pussy Hats' using this delicious pink wool.

I am amazed... Stephanie is just stitching where she decides to stitch, I asked her what she might stitch in the bottom right hand corner and she said she didn't know yet, she'd decide shortly...  I love this and can't wait to see the finished product.


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