03 December 2011

#1 - The Food. The first of 5 entries from todays SCQuilters Gathering at the Blue Gum today. Our Christmas Party.

I ummed and ahhhed about which group of photos I should put up first, I started taking photos of the Food so I guess that's the way I should go... I know this is supposed to be a Quilting Blog but look at these delicious meals.

 Roasted Pumpkin Salad - Pumpkin, candied walnuts, peppered goats cheese, watercress and fig.

Pale Ale Beer Battered  'Fish of the Day' - chips and tartare sauce.

 Pizza - Garlic Prawn, grilled speck, heirloom tomatoes and basil.

Rueben Beef Burger - Prime Wagyu beef pattie with shaved pastrami, sauerkraut, thousand island, Swiss cheese, mustard and dill Pickles.

Salt and Szechuan Peppered Calamari - with Asian slaw and chilli mayo.

 Chicken Summer Salad - Chicken, lettuce, alfalfa, caesar dressing, pistachio crumbs, maple bacon and egg.

Blue Gum Beef Burger - Prime Wagyu beef pattie with lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes, cheddar cheese, beetroot tepanade, caramelised onions, pickle, hickory BBQ sauce and Ranch Dressing.

 Homemade Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie with Mashed Potato and apricot relish.

Chicken Burger - Southern spiced chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, cheddar cheese, mayo and tomato relish.

 Slow Roasted Pork Belly - potato and apple salad with mango puree.

Canadian Belgian Waffles - hokey pokey ice cream, maple syrup and Persian Floss.

#2 - The SCQuilters.

 Lynne and Liz.

A very blurry photo of Marilyn, Heather and Irene. 

 Sharon, Stephanie and Sue.

 Lillias and Cath.

 This is the before photo of Maggie, Lisa and Erica.

 In the meantime... Ros and Claire.

 Now... here is the after photo of Maggie, Lisa and Erica... can you notice the differences?? There's more than one!

Finally, Rita and Pennie....

#3 - The Show and Tell.

 Gay in Romsey England sent these three little quilts for our 'Show'
 Gay #2
 Gay #3

 Was this Ros Hack's quilt top?  You see the trouble is a couple of people said to me today that they didn't know how I remembered who's quilt was whose... and now I've gone and forgotten!  Darn!

 This is one for Sharon's son, I remember that... as is the pretty one below.... I think!  :-)

This one belongs to Stephanie.

Another one from Stephanie, we saw this in it's unfinished state, looks great now doesn't it.

 The group of Willoughby Girls High ex students behind us asked to see the quilts as well and gave great applause.
 Now I couldn't get this one wrong now could I... Another one of Stephanie's

 Sue made this quilt to be raffled.

 Marilyn has at last finished her second, yes... second Jane Austen Quilt and this photo just doesn't do it justice, I needed to get a few close ups.

 More applause from the table behind us.

Another one of Marilyn's... you couldn't get more different from the Jane Austen one could you.

#4 - The Handwork, or should I say 'some' of the handwork, I didn't get around to everyone today, naughty me!

 Irene didn't want me to take a photo of her knitting, but who does she think is boss around here??   No no... not me that's for sure!

 Cath is just back from a shopping spree in Japan, don't you love that lacy zipper, I want one of those......

Stephanie is plodding away on her star quilt.  Have you seen these plastic templates before, aren't they beaut, Steph says they work wonderfully well.  I want some of these.....

 Rita is up to Row 30 of her Monet's Garden hexagon quilt top, lookin' good Rita!

 Ros is making this little 'thing' as a gift for a SCQuilter, I've photographed it from the back so you can't tell who it's for... or can you?

 Lillias is quilting this little quilt for her new grandson.

 Heather has started putting together her candied hexagons, smashing aren't they!

 Lynne is making this as a Christmas gift as well.

And...  finally... Liz, plugging away on her Aussie quilt.  She says she'll have the blocks together by the January Gathering... but she didn't say 'all' the blocks or which January but that's okay it's lovely watching it's progress.

#5 The Presents! The wonderfully 'Re-Cycled' Presents, some of which come back year after year and our most precious re-cycled present of all is... 'The Galleon' which was first gifted way back in 2006!

 Don't they look so very inviting, all these lovely gifts....   I wonder which one you would choose?

 Ros chose some lovely gifts from Thailand.  We wondered what was inside that little present on the right, The Fox Collection?

Aaahhh  yes, very handy :-)

 Erica was lucky, she tells us she hasn't got this magazine.

 Lisa went for the pack of 50 - or was it 500?  Muffin cases and some patterns.

(Yes it was 500, what an enormous pack.)

But the Winner of the Day... was Rita!  What could be more fitting for one of our newer members... to win that, 'much sought after' Galleon Decanter!   Look after it Rita :-)  It's been coming back for 5 years now.  I wonder who bought it the first time?

If it was you could you let us know, it needs to go with its Provenance!  First Gillian, then Ros B, Heather,  then Ros H. and now Rita gets to look after it for a year.

 No... sorry Rita, the Galleon is empty, not that anyone would know the cork is stuck in the neck and has been for years!  But don't you think it's pretty :-)

 You can see how much Stephanie loves her gift, it's a pack of plastic Finger Plates, ideal for those busy parties when you need an empty hand, just pop one of these little plates over your finger and bob's your uncle, you can chat, eat, and drink at the same time.  LOL  I found these in my Mum's things, aren't they wonderful!

Lillias looks like she just loves her little Pot-Pourri, I hope it smells nice Lillias.

Liz thinks these Rose smelly things will be just perfect for her teenagers  LOL   Nah!  I just made that up!

Another very happy customer, although I don't think this is supposed to go on your head Lynne, suits you though.

 There were some other very handy goodies in with Lynne's tea cosy.

 Irene received a lot of goodies in her gift as well.

Heather and I were last to choose, Heather was a winner that's for sure, she loves this 2012 Diary!

And I just love my gift as well, I can see this going to one of my children, don't you think it would look good in Newtown??  Or maybe Canberra??

LOL  I don't think they will read this Blog so it will stay a surprise!

Aren't they precious?   It's called the '7 piece Extended Party cordial set'.  I wonder why they are called that and I wonder what one is supposed to put in them?  No recipes came in the box.   It's 'seven' piece!  The tray being the seventh!  Wonderful gift, thanks Irene  :-)