02 November 2019

Thirteen Lucky SCQuilters enjoyed a long chat, sew, applique, knit, crochet, stitch and lunch at the Blue Gum Pub today.

 Heather and Anne.
 Irene and Joy.

 Jean and Pennie.

 Liz and Lynne.

 Penniedarling and Kate.

Robyn and Becky.

Wow! So much beatiful Handwork and a couple of Shows!!

 Three different sized Hexagons being made by three different people - Penniedarlings 'half inch' are on the left, in the middle are Robyn's and far right are Ruth's.

 I have to bring my Hexies out if I have no other handwork to do.

 Robyn's Hexies.

 Ruth's Hexies.

 Liz is making a little pin cushion the size of a cotton reel for a swap... she thinks!

 Lynne is working on another beautiful embroidery.

 Heather is going great guns on her Applique.

 Anne was trying out some new very fine thread for her Applique.

 Jean was working on her scrap quilt.

 Irene's Crochet... Hey was there only one Crocheter at the Pub today??  Yes I think so.

 Kate cast on three times starting her shawl, looks like it's going to be a beauty!

 Becky was knitting her shawl and in her bag she had her beautiful stitchery which she found difficult to work on because of the glare at the Pub.

 Show and Tell.

Jean was the only one who bought some Show today... Well done Jean!

But... Glynis sent me these photos of a couple of quilts she made and gave to two little girls, lucky girls.

19 October 2019

A small and happy group of just seven of us today at the Pennant Hills Pub, lovely to be able to chat to everyone all together.

 Nichole was busy stitching this 'Stitch Therapy 365' which I could have looked at for hours inspecting all the different little pictures.
 Nichole added this little piece because she'd pricked her finger and it bled onto her work of art 😉 clever idea eh!  Can you find it on the big piece above??

Meanwhile I was stitching Lace onto black fabric before framing it.  The Lace was handmade by David's Great Aunt Mergellina about 100 years ago and I have enough for 6 to 8 frames, on the back I will put the history of the lace maker and a photo of Mergellina.

Below is the stitching I was doing today..... UNTIL I took this photo and saw it looked like two eyes and one very big nose or one very big mouth... 
... So I've taken the two little pieces off and will just frame the collar.
Below is the first one I've stitched and Framed.

Rita cut out this pile of Hexagons for a new project... so stay tuned.

Cath has joined a Swap making these Diamond shaped Hexagon blocks... the end result of this swap will this be interesting as these two blocks are so opposite!

Jill was onto another appliqued strip of her quilt in progress.

Stitching stitching stitching away with Penny.

Irene was crocheting this lovely shawl.

Rita's Show and Tell was this Laundry Bag for a Serviceman... I wonder what Footie team he follows??? 😀

05 October 2019

A Dozen happy SCQuilters enjoyed a day at the Blue Gum Pub today.

 Ann and Heather.
 Cath and me... Pennie.
 Irene and Liz.
 Jane and Rita.
Marilyn, Becky & Stephanie.

Show and Tell.

Stephanie was first up with Four Show and Tells today... doesn't she look happy with her beautiful work, it is lovely.
 Irene bought two Show and Tell... the top one is the First Challenge our little group did, I provided the fabric from England and I was the only one who didn't do the Challenge... Mmm...
Below - Someone gave Irene the Teapot fabric so she wanted to make a little quilt using it... looks good doesn't it.

Jean sent me this photo of her latest Challenge... I like the look of this one.

 This was one of my Show and Tells... made by some lovely SCQuilters back in 1998 after a SCQuilter Gathering at my home, how clever are the Babushkas  😊
Is your name on this little quilt??

 I used up every bit of Flannel Fabric I had left over to make this lovely Raggy Quilt, I didn't think the fabrics would go together but I am really pleased with the way the quilt turned out!
I warned everybody that I had some Show that would AMAZE them... and I was correct!!  😄
See the full story in the post below.