03 December 2012

SCQuilters Christmas Party 2012.

Our usual room at the Blue Gum was booked this month, it costs $1,300 including food to hire the room so we don't pay but we get the room for free if there isn't a booking.

We can use a bigger room if that isn't booked at $1,800 but there were already 5 other groups in that room so I made the decision to hold our Annual Christmas Party at my home. 

Now when I made that decision it was a lovely 25c sunny day and we'd just had parties the two weekends before so I wasn't fussed, we do have a lot of parties here.

 Then the weather report came out... 35c 100% humidity and raining... SO...  23 of us were all shut up inside with fans blowing and you know what?    We had a really fun day, it was great even better than it would have been at the Blue Gum, which was lovely :-)  gee SCQuilters are great!

We sent out to my local Pizza shop and the compliments flowed, I must pop in and tell them just how much we enjoyed our lunch.

Recycled Gift Giving - This has become a tradition for our SCQuilty Christmas Parties. We bring a gift that hasn't been used, is in good condition but something that you will never use... and as strange as possible.

 ... You can tell by the look on Marianne's face just how much fun this recycled gift idea can be.
Check it out on the movie below.

 Or there again you can receive something you always wanted just as Helen did.

 Jean was lucky enough to receive the recycled 'Sensational Swans' DVD from 2005... and some other goodies.

 Rita on the other hand received half a dozen fish shaped serving dishes and 'Cool Fingers'  Look out for these next year methinks!

 Steph is thinking this could be useful??

 Annette is thinking she might need to go and learn Japanese so she can read her new Quilt Book... nice little dish though.

 Someone had a good clean out of their sewing room and Ros was lucky enough to receive this gift, she said she'd certainly be keeping some of them.

 Poor Heather.... she can't bear to look at her gift, she received it two years ago and thought she'd seen the end of it!  This parcel was disguised, it was wrapped up in several layers of paper with a small gift inside each wrapping.  Heather will have to think of a different way to wrap this gift next year.

 Penny looks delighted with her gift, the top of the tree comes off and it becomes a salt shaker, the bottom is for pepper.  Looks can be deceptive ;-)

 Marilyn is hiding behind her gift!

 Claire choose the basket saying at least she would be able to use the basket after... it was filled with all sorts of wonderful stuff most of which won't be coming back.

 Lynne wasn't too worried about her gift, she thinks the grandchildren may like some of these DVD's

 Cath may not be bringing this gift back either, it's filled with 'Dove' products.

A lovely bowl for Paddy who had to leave before she opened this gift, she's coming to pick it up later today.

The SCQuilters who braved the heat...

 Liz, Penny and Helen all the way from Devon Meadows in Victoria.

 Glynis and Heather.

 Marianne and Annette.

 Rita, Steph and Cath.

 David popped in briefly to pick up some window pulleys which had been forgotten when he and Gwilym and Emily left for Newtown earlier in the morning... Gwil and Em are renovating their home.  David and Pennie.

 Marianne and Ruth... what on earth had they been doing to make themselves so blurry  :-)

 Paddy and Irene.

 Becky and Ros.

New SCQuilter Susan.

Jean, David, Marilyn and Lynne seated.

Show and Tell #1.

 Becky finished putting on the binding of her DD's Advent Calendar Quilt, made my her DD.

 Ros with her Mariners Compass that she made in a one day class last Friday at Logan's, it's an easy 3D design.

 Claire and Jean's Cross quilts.

 These two quilts of Claire's now finished and quilted.

Steph's Christmas wall hanging she redesigned.  The pictures used to be individuals and hung across the mantelpiece in the old  house.   The new house doesn't have a fireplace so Steph remade to suit.

 Steph's Hexie MF pattern from Katy from The Fat Quarterly Blog.  The hexagons are 1.5 inch.

 I have finished my 2012 Bedford Quilt top.

 Penny's lovely little grand daughter is going to love this stocking and what will be in it.

Rita bought 11 quilts for Show and Tell, all for a charity and for Australian Soldiers overseas.  I must have missed some of her Show but here's most of them and Rita in the middle.

Show and Tell #2.

 Liz won this little kit at the Western Modern Quilt Group who meet at Dooleys in Silverwater, it's a little drink mat and a pouch for your loyalty cards.

 Heather's Christmas Stars.

 Heather's Guild Challenge Quilt....  It's called Cosmic Flow and was a fabric challenge - the fabric is the pink stripes, orange and red dots and the flowers plus the fabric in the left corner of the quilt.

 We have another crochet convert with Marianne.

Marianne bought samples from the Australasian Quilt Convention beginner classes. There are still some spots available, see www.aqc.com.au

 Annette's little house quilt.

 Jill's 'Wrapped with Love' quilt and below the quilt she made to match her blouse  :-)

See... matching blouse with quilt.

Show and Tell #3 - Fans of Bonnie K Hunter Mystery Quilts.

 Heather's Double Delight.

 Jean's Double Delight.

Double Delight belong to Glynis.

 Marianne's Double Delight.

 Pennie's Double Delight with the recipient niece Ellie.

 Marilyn's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.

 Marianne's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.

 Pennie's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.

 To finish off some more of Bonnie's...  Pennie's Carolina Christmas.

 Pennie's Orange Crush.

 Pennie's Orca Bay.

Pennie's Star Struck... I don't think this is a Mystery, it might just be on Bonnie's website.