18 June 2017

Lovely long day at the Penno Pub.

One of the most beautiful things about our gatherings at the Hotel Pennant Hills and the Blue Gum Hotel are the people who come along.   We have SCQuilters who've been coming forever, we have SCQers who are Grandparents and we have SCQers who come along with new born children, we have friends coming along as well as some who are Quilters but not necessarily SCQuilters, we have some who come regularly, we have some who come occasionally, there are some we haven't seen for a very long time but there are also plenty of Newbies!
Some of us live only 15 minutes away, some travel by train for an hour or two, some drive for the same length of time, we come from North, South and West of Sydney and sometimes Interstate as well.
It's 15 years since I started these gatherings at the Penno Pub, then when they turned our room into a smoking area in 2010 we moved to the Blue Gum in Waitara but after we discovered the Penno Pub had renovated we've been going to both pubs each month.
There are good and bad points of both pubs, the Penno Pub wins for being closer to the Station, easy access, great food and next door to a Patchwork Shop but loses on the room facilities.  The Blue Gum wins on the room when we can get it, there is nothing better than good light and a room to ourselves, most of the time.
Yesterday was a lovely day, the lighting in our area of the Pub wasn't 100% ticketyboo but the company was terrific, there were SCQuilters who I've known for almost 20 years, there were SCQuilters who came for the first time a couple of months ago and there were three Newbies as well.
So much chat, so much laughter, so much sharing but most of all so much friendship!  Wonderful medicine is Friendship... may it live long and strong.
Oh!  and three cheers for the Internet!!    How many of your family or long time friends also have friends they met Online!!

So...  Who was there yesterday.  Photos aren't all that good the lighting was difficult.

 Irene and Joy.
 Heather, Robyn and Maureen.
 Cheryl and Glynis, she's pretending not to be at the pub but she was....
 Brenda and Lissa.
 Pennie and Jill.
 Wendy and Cath.
 Donna and Rita.
Rhonda and Yan.

 Pene and Jean.
 Jill and Lynne.
 Special guest...   didn't stay long though.

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