20 February 2009

Competition Results for February!

There were several guesses as to who was holding these beautiful beads from Dyed and Gone to Heaven... but one SCQuilter... who has never been to the Blue Gum really pulled out all the stops... here are copies of her emails.

'Could it be Jill from Thornleigh?'

Then when I asked how on earth she guessed correctly this is her reply...

"I went back to 2007 Christmas photos (couldn't find her in the 2008 ones) and compared them with the little bit that we could see in last Saturday's photo. That was the most likely candidate! Don't tell me I'm right? If I am, let someone else win. I promise I won't tell!" Lindi

There was nobody else who guessed correctly... well there was someone who knew but I wouldn't let Lisa have a go because she sold them to her!

So this is Lindi's prize, a fund raising Thimble for the Bathurst SCQ Retreat 2010 and a little quilt I made from a pattern I won from Lindi's Blog...

Thanks for the fun Jill and Lindi I'll do something similar another month.

07 February 2009

Southern Cross Quilters enjoying the day at The Blue Gum in Waitara.

28 of us here today... Pennie from Turramurra, Penny from Pymble, Irene from Pymble, Jan from Turramurra, Gay from Romsey. UK, Robyn from Pymble, Lyn from St Ives, Kerry-Ann from Gorokan, Kath from Minchinbury, Elizabeth from Hornsby, Simone and Baby Grace from Hornsby, Christine from Bathurst, Lisa from Kareela, Jean from Terrigal, Erica from Parramatta, Heather from Thornleigh, Irene from I've forgotten but I hope she will remind me so I can correct, Kate from near Camden, Ros from Padstow, Liz from Denistone, Mandy from Ryde, Sue from Kings Langley, Bec from Ryde, Lyn from Waitara, Glynis from Berowra, Jill from Thornleigh and Marilyn from Bungan.
So you see we do come from far and wide.
I have another Guessing Competition... scroll down through the photos below to find it...
Some of us bought our Double Delight Mystery quilts or blocks... all agree that we love them and all of us agree that it was mind numbing work but well worth it. Some SCQuilters who couldn't make it to the Blue Gum sent photos which I have included. Enjoy... cheers Pennie

P.S. Comment from Bonnie... Thank you so much for sending the link to your blog! I am SO SO SO impressed with the quilts!Please tell the ladies that I saw them, and I love them each and every one! (And yes, sometimes mind numbing is WORTH IT! *LOL*)In Stitches ---Bonnie
Bonnie K Hunter - Double Delight Mystery quilts... above top was made by Jean from Terrigal... the below top was made by Heather from Thornleigh...
And the third top made by Pennie from Turramurra.
Here's all three quilts together at the Pub.
Lorraine Bradley from Victoria made this Double Delight.
Double Delight top made by Lyn Shipp in Perth...
Blocks in progress... Christine from Bathurst above and Marilyn from Bungan below.

Blocks One and Two from Bonnie Elvey in Bendigo, Victoria.
Gay's Celtic Knot quilt about to go to Nic for quilting, they won a prize at the Sydney Quilt Show last year... so look out for this one this year.

Heather's circles.
Irene Long's hand embroidered baby animals... looking great together.
Jean is so prolific here's another wonderful child's quilt for a niece.
Jan's Japanese fabric quilt.

Kerry-anne's double sided quilt.
The other side of Kerry-anne's double sided quilt.
Glynis' Pickledish quilt... she collected scraps of fabric thrown out from a class she attended many years ago... clever eh!! I'm impressive, very Impressive.
Guessing Competition... Guessing Competition... Guessing Competition...

There will be a lovely prize of a Bathurst SCQuilters Retreat 2010 Thimble for the first person who can guess who's been shopping at Lisa's... and sorry Lisa you can't enter. I thought the beeds looked so lovely against what this SCQuilter was wearing I just had to photograph them.
Erica was making sure she remembered how to knit squares for Wrapped for Love a class she will be facilitating for at Ryde Library this coming Thursday...

Bec is moving along slowly hand quilting her stars... she did stop to help Mandy baste a quilt and show her how to quilt it today though.
Kath's Nursery Rhyme machine embroidery blocks.
One little two little, three little Indians, four little five little, six little Indians... oh how I remember it well... this is one of the blocks on Kath's quilt above.
Kath's Aussie house machine embroidery blocks.