07 September 2013

A couple of dozen SCQuilters turned up today, a couple of friends and a couple of young ones... Just a delightful day it was. Everybody has been shot in 'Soft Focus' with my new camera today..

 Annie and Irene.

 This little Angel is Amelia and she belongs to Irene... did you know that if you buy a soft drink you can have 30 mins free Wifi!  I didn't till today.

 Two of the biggest Blue Gum smiles from Becky and Erica.

 Cath and Marianne.

 The beautiful Claire will be a Mrs next month, only two weeks till she marries the love of her life... Happy Day Claire.

 Emma and Jenn with 3 month old Owen.

 Gillian and Christine.

 Heather and Lynne.

 Leigh, Maureen and Sharon.

 Lissa and Maggie.

 Just look at this child... sleeping soundly!

 Not sleeping soundly when Penniedarling has her hands on him... he's smiles and goo and gaa for me!

 Tuppence... Pennie and Penny.



Some very Funky SCQuilters... my new camera does wonderful things... or does it?

 Gillian and Christine are in 'Punk!'

 Now along with Marianne they are all in 'Reflection'.

 Marianne looks like she's talking to her self in Reflection.

 Rita is all Punk!

Where did this come from.....

 A very Punky Group enjoying their Wine! 
And in this one... Leigh, Maureen and Sharon are Reflecting on what they have just drunk?  :-)

Just look at all this wonderful Handwork.

 How does one get such a perfectly round, easy to use round ball of wool from a floppy tangled mess?

 Well... One asks a friend called Annie to bring along her Wool Winder... check out this little movie!  I wasn't totally au fai with my new camera so it took me a while to take a Movie.

 Becky was working on her Farmers Wife... One block started...

 One of her most difficult blocks...

Top Block finished.
 Some... and there were a lot more... of Becky's blocks...
Deciding on the sashing is difficult for Becky, she doesn't like the very dark sashing used in the original quilt, she thinks she might go RED!

 Cath was binding...

 Christine's machine sewing blocks...

 Claire's blocks that I re organized for her... :-)  she did sort out my mess before she started to sew thankfully.

 Don't you just love these fresh fabrics of Erica's, good enough to eat I reckon!

 Now here's a story...  way back in 1946 my father came out of the Army for short time and set up a Grocery Store in Woollahra, and we lived out the back... I visited this store this year for the first time since 1947,  it's now called Piggots and sells wonderful soft furnishings... Just recently Gillian visited Piggots and bought these fabrics, she's making lots and lots of Circles which very looks exciting.

Check out Piggots HERE if you like and if you happen to be passing tell them Pennie sent you  :-)

 I am continually in awe of Heathers work... it's looking more fabulous each time I see it.

 Irene has only three more squares to knit before she can start putting this rug together for her son Kingsley.

 How Jenn has time to quilt as well as look after one 3 month old and one two year old I don't know... but she does  :-)

 Leigh is making this quilt... she didn't have enough blocks ready for a photo... maybe next month?

 I thought Lissa was going to Crochet, she had many many squares already made but... she sewed instead :-)

 Lynne is working on something wonderful... so stay tuned!

 So neat and so cute... little Hexies in a tin belonging to Maggie.

 The beginning of another of Marianne's wonderful productions.  I'm loving it already.

Remembrance Day Poppies, that I'm making for each of my Ancestors, to remember the 100th year of the beginning of WW1

 Penny is working away on her masterpiece, it's one of those long term projects that, I know will turn out just beautifully.

 Rita was doing a little 'Frog' stitching... rippit...  rippet...   :-(

 Ruth's Mum is in for something very special... beautiful crochet, colours and wools.

Sharon basting her masterpiece with a little help from her friends... you will have to go to the bottom of the Show and Tell Posting to see the whole thing... Wow!!

September's Competition... It's Guess 'Whose Boot Scootin' Boot is Whose?'

Today... SCQuilters turned up wearing Boots!  
It was Rita's 'Boot Scootin' idea and it went down a treat.
The weather wasn't really conducive to Boot wearing but still they came... keen to be part of the Show!
Now what I would like you to do is to Match the Boots #1 to #7 to the SCQuilters Below.

We have... 

Ruth  -  Sharon  -  Beck  -  Leigh  -  Lissa  -  Rita  -  Maureen

#1 Boots... Belong to??

#2 Boots... Belong to?

#3 Boots... Belong to?

 #4 Boots... Belong to?

#5 Boots... Belong to?

#6   Boots... Belong to?

#7 Boots... Belong to?

 Now I must take note of these people and their boots so I don't forget.

The Winner of the August Competition was... Anne Lewis from Newport NSW, and below is her wonderful Prize straight from my Stash!

Now you too can win something just as wonderful, if you can get the highest score.