16 September 2017

Handy Handwork!

Just checkout this bunch of happy, busy and very friendly ladies!  All doing as they were told and looking at my camera :-)

Ann is knitting this very old wool using one very old pattern as well.

Brenda is making the most fun Hexagons... I really love the little Echidna's below, all following each other around the circle!

Look at this delicious basket of left over wool's...
Irene is Crocheting a shawl using the wool's above.

Jill was starting a new project.

Kathleen was adding a few more fabrics to her Japanese quilt.

I wondered what Lynne was crocheting...  Aaaahhh isn't this the sweetest little bunny below!  I wonder who this is for!

Maureen has started to add the border to this stunner!

Michelle was crocheting this shawl but there was a drama... that did go on for a while I have to add...
Until!  At Last!  Her stitch marker was found, on the floor it was just where Michelle had looked 100 times... Phew!!

Nicole was busy building up her stash of Hexagons.

This is the Sixth time I've knitted this Aran Pattern Jumper, the first was back in 1967 for my then friend who later became my husband and now the almost 15 year old Grandson of the said husband asked if I could knit him one just the same as not only his Grandfather but both his Uncles!!   How could I refuse eh :-)

Rita was adding Bells to this upside down bunting.
... and she was finishing off this little treasure.

Ros has dug around in her stash and decided to make something with these beautiful already cut fabrics! 

Yummy and very yummy lunch! The Penno Pub really does a delicious lunch!

Duck Pancakes!  My very favourite!  Along with 6 Natural Oysters, this was my delicious lunch!

Irene also chose Duck Pancakes but her Oysters were different to mine...  3 Natural with soy mirin, pickled ginger & stone sprouts and 3 tempura battered with crab, cucmber & ponzu mayo

Barramundi Taco Plate was enjoyed by Kathleen.

Lamb Salad, I know Lynne has been dreaming of this dish.

Sticky Squid Salad... always a favourite.

Salt and Pepper Squid.

The Beef Bourguignon Shepherds Pot Pie was popular a few of us enjoyed this dish.

Kids Fish and Chips, Maureen enjoyed this dish even though she isn't a kid!

Ros says both she and Nicole enjoyed this Duck Salad was very delicious indeed!

Brenda enjoyed the Chicken Burger with maple bacon.

And now to the Show and Tell. I asked people to bring in a Round Robin they'd made with a group of people.

 A gift of a shopping bag to Rita from one of her daughters!

Ann's stunning Celtic patchwork... pity her Halo has slipped so much  :-)
 Fabulous quilt of Kathleen's a Round Robin she did by herself!

 Kathleen also had a beanie to Show, she made it for her trip to New York in November to sing in Carnegie Hall!!  Wow!

Michelle's quilt is a Group Round Robin each row was made by a different SCQuilter with a end fabulous result don't you agree!

Another stunning result with this Group Round Robin belonging to Nicole.

02 September 2017

Busy hands make happy hearts! and there sure were lots of happy hearts at the Pub today!

Becky is knitting a shawl.

Cath is hand piecing some hexagon blocks.

Christine is on the Hexagon trail.

Heather has a new phone cover... I think she likes Cats don't you  :-)

Irene made this delicious Passionfruit yummy, gooey, delicious slice.

Irene is knitting a shawl.

Jenn is finishing some quilting.

Liz is doing some very fine stitching.

Liz has a new Hat!  :-)

And... a Falcon on Lizzie's sewing bag.

Lynne just finishing off the binding on this quilt.

Both Stephanie and Marilyn bought along some books to give away.

Maureen is sewing a border for her quilt.

Michelle is knitting a very complicated shawl.

Pennie is knitting her 6th Aran Jumper in 50 years... know the pattern off by heart I do now.

Rita is making a little Christmas Decoration.

Who belongs to these nails I wonder!!!!!

...  There are two of them!

It's Selina with those fancy nails working on her wonderful long time project.

Stephanie is knitting socks.