07 April 2015

This post is a bit later than usual, I had a lovely weekend with SCQuilters, Grandchildren, Grandchildrens Parents and Food, so now only able to get these photos and the SCQuilters Blog up!

You asked for it... Food Glorious Food!  We do enjoy a delicious lunch at the Blue Gum Pub.

I enjoyed the Prawn and Pork Spring Rolls!  Oh and the Ice Cream :-)

Others enjoyed Fish and Chips, Caesar Salad, Steak Sandwich, Mushroom and Risotto, Mini Burgers, Spring Rolls, Crispy Pork and Mash, Salt and Pepper Squid, Chicken and Cous Cous, Chicken Pie, Chicken Schnitzel and Mini Ice Cream Cone.

Selina bought along fabrics she just didn't need anymore... it's called De-Stashing!  I must try it sometime.

It was very popular, this is only about half of what Selina bought along!  Surprise Surprise!  It was all snapped up by the end of the day :-)

Handwork - Boy oh boy! Are we a handy lot or what! Nothing we can't do really! What's that I hear you say? Yes indeed, I agree... we are just 'Brilliant'! Thank you :-)

 What a pretty pattern this is, I love it Annie.

 I love this one as well... just lovely Becky.

 And this one being knitted by Brenda... I'm loving knitting at the moment.

I can't remember who was knitting this lovely Aran... I do love it though.

 Cath is hand sewing these Clamshells.

 Gillian is sewing a Zig and a Zag!

 Glynis is finishing off these blocks for her sister? sister in law?

 Heather was cutting some of her own fabric and some of Selina's De-Stash fabrics.

Two little blocks finished!

 Irene is crocheting, crocheting and crocheting this masterpiece.

 Jackie's baby bunting and Iggle Piggle blocks, she's working on an Upsy Daisy block on the right. (I know about these strange people, I have lots of Grandchildren!)

 Just look at this!!  So delicate and as fine as lace.  Jean tells me it's very tricky to do because if she's talking and makes a mistake she can't work out how to fix it.

Jenn always has something fantastic on the go.  I love these flowers.

 I also love Jill's fabric choices... this is going to be a Fox Block!

And in a trice... it is a Fox Block!  :-)

Lisa is sewing some wonderfully interesting circles on this just as interesting block!

 Wow!  See how she sews.......   Liz is making great roads with her embroidery!  dare I say it looks almost finished???

Now I wonder where these Hexies are headed...  Interesting, stay tuned, Marilyn is sure to show us more next month.

 Penny using some of Lynne's old Liberty Prints in her Lucy Boston Block.  So pretty.

 Now you have to love this!  Ruth is crocheting 'Rising Suns' for something she's making for an Anzac piece.  Can  you see the 'Rising Suns'?  Very clever.

And lastly, but not leastly,  Selina is working - working - working on the quilt she has entered in the Sydney Quilt Show...  keep going Selina, keep going... you can do it!  :-)  We look forward to the finished product in a month or two.

Show, Show, Show and Tell! (Trouble is with the 'Tell', I've usually forgotten by the time I get these photos up so maybe this should just be called 'Show')

 Becky's very clever shawl, I am fascinated by the cast on cast off process of this pattern.

 Another beauty by Cath and making the most of the left overs on the back.

 I love, love, love this square of Gillian's, she's used an old doily as the background, very clever!  Gillian tells me there are more squares to come... I for one, can't wait to see them.

 Lovely soft star quilt by Jackie.
 ... and a Super Hero quilt by Jackie.

 But wait... more by Jackie.  An ABC quilt ... how sweet is this one!
 Jackie wins the 'most prolific prize' today  :-)

 A very striking quilt by Jean.  I love it, you really have to look hard to see what the pattern is here... very clever.

 Bit blurry I'm sorry... Liz bought this little old Pill Box and filled it with embroidery!  Is there anything that can't be embroidered by Liz!  She is very clever isn't she.
 Just look at this tiny thing  :-)

 Lynne is making Drunkard Path blocks, very clever placement of the blocks, I've never made this block so I really have to concentrate to see where the block stops and starts... I think there are 16 different squares/blocks here??  Am I right??

 Dang!  I've forgotten the name of this beautiful quilt by Marianne... it's another Bonnie K Hunter and I love it so much I thought I would make it myself and I asked Marianne a couple of times what it was called!  Dang!    Help please Marianne :-)
Below is the back so just some wadding and it's ready for quilting.

Marilyn's Sudoku Quilt made for her DH who is just mad about Sudoku  :-)  just as I am actually! Oh NO!  I've just realized just how Sudoku it really is...  nine different fabrics, one in each of the nine squares... I will have to spend time checking that this Sudoku has been finished correctly  :-)

So who braved the rainy, rainy, rainy day and joined us at the Pub!

My new camera has the Soft Focus setting that everyone prefers  :-)

Jill and Lisa.

 Brenda and Heather.

 Penny and Liz with a photo bomber... who is that???
 Photo Bomber still hovering over Penny and Liz!
 There she goes... that photo bomber on the left :-)

 Jean worried that she may look 'hairless' if her photo is taken against a light background but I try it with a Selfie anyway...

She's correct! 

This photo below is better... isn't it Jean  :-)
 Or is it  LOL!!

 Becky and Marilyn.

 Gillian and Jenn.

 Jackie and Glynis.

Lynne and Irene.

 Hey... I think I've managed to catch that 'Photo Bomber' friend of Penny and Liz's... unless she has swapped blue stripped tops!  Annie is not too sure of Erica the (PB).

 Cath with the 'Stash De-Stasher' Selina!

Oh no... Hellllpppp...  someone stole my camera and took a photo of me without using 'Soft Focus'!! 

I know I missed a couple of you today... sorry.