07 July 2013

Quilting, Chatting, Eating, Drinking... what a wonderful life we have :-)

 Our Terrace room was booked for a 30th Birthday Party yesterday, so we were moved into the Verandah Room, no problem as most of the other patrons of the Blue Gum keep their distance... although you do see several craning necks and smiles when it's Show and Tell time.   Just look at this photo above... all but one head is down, all but two hands are busy at work and all bar none are chatting away with the noise level rising.  Just lovely :-)

 So who was at the Pub today...  Cath and Annie...

 Claire and Lucy...

 Glynis (with her Show and Tell) and Becky...

 Heather and Robyn...

 Irene and Gillian...

 Jean and Kerry... sorry you two are blurry but it seems I have to take at least one blurry photo each month, and it must have been your turn :-)  I will do better next month I promise.

 Jill and Erica... I said to Erica before I took this photo that in every photo I ever take of her she has the most magnificent smile... Jill was jealous of course, but when I checked all the photos I took of SCQuilters yesterday I see that there are many many magnificent smiles all over the place  :-)  What lovely happy lot people we all are eh!

 Liz and Lynne...

 Marianne left early to go and watch her DD play Softball and I didn't get a photo so I've stolen this one from a post a couple of months ago  :-)  I'm clever eh????   or devious??

 Penniepoo and Lissapoo...

 Rita and Sharon... now what can I say about Rita in this photo?????  She's already accused me of bagging her out but I'll be contrary and compliment her instead... Rita makes many many quilts for Aussie Soldiers overseas.  One soldier wrote and thanked her and said his small daughter would probably snaffle it when he got home so.... what did Rita do???  She made a lovely little quilt for the daughter... wait till you see it in the Show and Tell Photos!  
So Rita... Nah nah nah... nah nah  :-)

 Ruth and Marilyn...

 Selina and Joy...

Steph had to leave early but I remembered to take a photo of her...

And surprise surprise, Ian and Corrie, dear friends of mine were lunching at the Pub yesterday, they did guess I might be there when they saw the Quilters.
Ian came to my 21st Birthday Party... now how long ago was that you may well ask  :-) 

... Gollygoshgeewillikens... it's almost 47 years!

Food Glorious Food... I only took photos of Desserts today, you've seen plenty of other food photos in past months.


 Kiddies Ice Cream Cone.

Mars Bar Calzone.

What's everyone up to?? What were all those eyes concentrating on in the first picture... Here is some... of the Handwork done yesterday, I didn't get around to everyone I'm afraid.

 Becky's Duck and Duckling block all placed ready to sew.

And in a flash... it was finished!
 Actually it was a very productive day for Becky, two blocks completed!

 I couldn't get Claire's Hexagon blocks all in one photo... wonderful colours and patterns aren't they.

 Heather almost finished the block she's making for Hunters Hill Quilters.

 Jean wouldn't let me photograph her quilt, she said we saw it 10 years ago  LOL!   But I did get a photo of her binding it.

 Stunning magical flowers and birds belong to Joy.

 Lots and lots and lots more Bow Tie blocks of Lissa's, who actually sewed lots and lots yesterday.

 This is Liz's 'Blue Gum Challenge', it's last months Stripes!  So clever but what is cleverer than clever is below  :-) 

 Pretty applique of Lucy's.

 Marilyn's Pin Cushion is very pretty as well.

 William Morris Hexagons by Penny.  This looks like a new project Penny?

 Check out this beautiful craft bag of Robyn's... silly me I didn't get a photo of the whole thing, I was so fascinated with all the little pictures.

 Ros was working on her Sons wedding quilt which you will see better in the Show and Tell photos.

 Selina was cutting out triangles for the quilt you can see in her hand  :-)  We have become so techie haven't we... I wonder what Quilters from long ago would think of us now!

 A lovely corner block made by Sharon, looking forward to seeing more of this one Sharon.

Stephanie's block... I wonder how big this quilt will be?  Looking forward to seeing more Steph.

So to the 'Happy Hookers!

 That Annette Schuiling is nothing but a Temptress... she keeps bringing out all these wonderful items she's 'happily hooked' and then she goes and shows them to ME who's current mantra is...  'I will never sew another hexagon or learn how to crochet'...  silly me I suppose :-)

 Annie even had a Hexagon to show...

 Then she bought out all her Hooks!  How lovely are they..............   darn and double drattttt!
 Here she is... the culprit!  wearing yet another lovely piece of Crochet!

 Ruth is no better... look at this wonderful rug she's making for her father... I so want to curl up with this right now, it's cold in my office  :-(

Ruth is even making coasters for a friend... how lovely are they.

Ruth asked me to show her my Inherited Crochet Hooks, here they are Ruth.
 They came from some of my relatives as well as some of David's, I don't know how old they are, I've always been more into knitting than Crochet.

There were a couple of Knitters at the Blue Gum as well.

 Irene is making lots of Blocks which she will later sew together to make a rug.

This is my 'Mick Aston'* cardigan, I'm sort of making it up as I go so I did the body on one piece so that I didn't have to sew seams, I'm onto the sleeves now.  I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to go 'out' in this cardie, time will tell :-)

There was a push, a rather large 'Push' headed by one Erica Spinks... suggesting that with the left over wool, of which I will have plenty, I should make a matching jumper for David....  Nnnnnooooo I say... but of course now he's joined the 'Push' as well!  Darn and double drattt once again  :-)

*Mick Aston was one of the characters in the show Time Team, I've always loved his striped jumpers so decided I just had to make one for myself... not long after I started he died :-(
Mick Aston - Time Team.

So at last we get to the Show and Tell. Most months the Show is pretty darn good but this month I reckon... it's especially good... enjoy!

 Annie's Jelly Roll quilt, one of those simple but stunning quilts.

 Here is Becky trying to tell us how simple this Sashiko panel was to make... it's only a panel she said, you just follow the lines she said, it's just like tracing she said, you just stick the needle in then stick it out she said, it's so easy she said... No one believed her because Becky has done a particularly excellent job of 'sticking her needle in and out'.  Becky says she will cut this panel up and put the blocks in a quilt for her mother.  Can't wait to see it Becky.

 Another stunning Jelly Roll - plus... quilt from Cath who also machine quilted it... you can't really see the quilting in this photo but it is excellent and really finishes off this quilt beautifully.

 Another fabulous quilt from Cath... I think this one is for her brother and the one above for another family member... lucky family.

 Wow!  Just look at this!  Claire was making these blocks last time she was at the Blue Gum but I just couldn't work out how they went together... I have to admit I'm still a bit in the dark but what a fabulous result!

 All finished... Irene's pretty little quilt for a friend's grand daughter, she's going to love it Irene.

 Wow!  Another stunner, this time from Jill who is wearing matching clothes to go with her quilt... this isn't the first time Jill has matched her clothes to her Show and Tell... do you always do this Jill?   I will have to make a note to check next month :-)

Don't the large borders of Kerry's quilt make your eye go straight to the lovely little blocks in the centre, lovely Kerry.

 Liz is so funky, she's always got some wonderful stitchery going on, I love this little one above and check out her truly Funky jumper below... we all wanted one like this!

 Just look at THIS!!!  I love it, love it... just LOVE it!  All those different patterns in the leaves and two seriously sweet little birds... Lynne you are a whiz! 

 A lovely child's quilt for someone, Marilyn isn't quite sure just yet.

  Don't these Batik fabrics look fantastic with the black, this is another of Rita's quilts for an Aussie Soldier... lucky man.

 Here is Rita's butterfly quilt for the daughter of the Soldier who wrote and thanked Rita (I mentioned this in an earlier post)   How lovely is Rita.  That little girl is going to just love this quilt Rita, so will the Soldier. 

 WOW!!!  Here is the quilt Ros was quilting in the Handwork photos... what a stunner and what a lucky son and new daughter in law... just beautiful Ros.

 Another stunner from Ros, this one Won a Prize in the Harden Show last year... Ros won all of $2.00!

 Another WOW... but it must be one very narrow bed for this quilt... I know, I know... it would have to be a table runner but I wasn't listening to what Ros was telling us as I was so stunned by the quilt... please explain Ros.

P.S.  From Ros...  the "runner" is actually a bed runner from a Keepsake Quilting pattern - it was a challenge I did with a member of the quilt group I belong to at Harden.  She did hers in pink and I did mine in blue/purple. 

 I held a guessing competition on this Blog last year sometime... it was something to do with Heather, my brain has gone into overload Ros... please explain... anyway I sent a pack of fabrics to Ros as her prize and here is the result! Well Done You!

P.S.  From Ros... The quilt from the pack of charm squares was from a competition you ran in July last year looking for a caption for "Why is Heather embarrassed" and I won a pack of charm squares.  This quilt will be donated to Can Assist to pass on to cancer patients in the Harden area.

Last Last Lucky Last is Selina... only because these photos are Alphabetical... Sel experimented with these blocks and said next time she would put in more solid fabrics, this one looks pretty darn good as it is Sel but I'll make my final judgement when I see the second one  :-)

That's all for this month friends!