16 April 2017

Saturday 15 April at the Hotel Pennant Hills

9 of us made it to the pub for lunch and some knitting, crocheting and sewing. For a change it was a perfect day with sunshine streaming through the window and no cardigans, coats or umbrellas required. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

The popular choice for lunch appeared to be the Sticky Squid Salad. I really enjoyed mine!

The handwork:

Apologies to M@#$*, I neglected to take a picture of your blue knitting for your Grandson.

Irene was working on the finishing touches of this beautiful rug.

Cath was working on hexagons.

Selina was also working on hexagons.

Penny was working on pieces for her blue colourway  Lucy Boston quilt.

Jill was hand quilting.

Lynne was knitting a collar in a lovely soft variagated yarn.

Heather was continuing to applique diamonds.

Glynis was also working on hexagons for her ongoing project.

02 April 2017

Wow! That was a fun day that's for sure! About 23 quilters, knitters, crocheters and stitchers were able to make it to the Blue Gum Pub yesterday and they bought lots of 'Show and Tell' as well... Just wait till you see the 'Show'!

Here's the SCQuilters I managed to get photos of,  some got away too quickly and some got into more than one photo!!  I won't name them but you will soon discover who.

Annie and Marilyn.

 Cath and Jackie

 Cheryl and Lyn.

 Emma, Heather and Robyn.

 Jan and Kathleen.

Jean and Liz.

Kate and Pennie.

Lyn and Stephanie Mc.

Pennie and Lyn.

Penny and Lynne.

 Selina and Pennie.

 Stephanie and Becky.

Yan and Donna.

Busy hands and busy chat always makes for a happy day at the Pub! And... there was a lot of that happening yesterday.

 Annie crochet shawl? or is it a blanket?

 Becky knitting squares for charity.

 Cath's diamond hexies.

 Cheryl came to visit her Mum Lynne while her son played soccer next door, this was her handwork :-)

 Donna was stitching some very fine work here.

 Emma is making a Tortoise.

 Heather continues stitching these diamonds.

 Jackie's Hexie's

 Jan knitting squares for charity.

 Jean is up to something interesting.

 Kathleen's work is looking good and almost there she says.

 Liz onto another interesting patchwork and stitchery combined.

 Lyn and her quilt as you go Hexagon's and look what the Easter Bunny (aka Emma) left in her box :-)

 Lynne's handwork, I wonder what this will be.

 Pennie - I'm knitting a little vest for my almost one year old grand daughter and when that gets too tricky I knit squares for Wrapped with Love.

 Penny has to be one of the most patient people I know, Susan Boston here we come

 Robyn makes the loveliest brightest quilts ever.

 Selina is onto another masterpiece, try and take a hard look at the pattern!  Amazing!

 Stephanie M. is making this poncho? from the neck down!  Wow!

 Stephanie Mc. is knitting little pieces to make a shawl, using her iPad to check the pattern.

Yan is sewing buttons onto this quilt.

One day soon you may be able to see the finished products from our day yesterday but don't worry there is a LOT of   'Show and Tell' coming soon.

Food, we had food, lots and lots of food... many had similar to these dishes and I did see but didn't photograph... a Glass of Champagne!

Show and Tell is coming soon...  not long now...

At last... this is what you have been waiting for... Show and Tell... all 52 Show and Tell.

This month I put a message out on our Facebook page suggesting we all bring something for Show and Tell, I suggested we bring something old, something new or the quilt off our bed!

And guess what, people read and did as I suggested!

Unfortunately there are so many beautiful quilts and unless I got the person with their quilt in the photo I've forgotten who made some... please let me know and I will put names to those quilts later on.

So sit back and enjoy some wonderful Quilts.

Do any of you know what this little quilt is?

No??  don't worry none of the 23 quilters at the pub yesterday knew either.

Well!  It was made by Jenny Bowker way back in 2011 and it's from her wonderful 'Postcards from Jerusalem' quilt, this is a piece Jenny cut out to make a hole to put one of her postcards into.  Check out the quilt HERE  Jenny gave this piece to me all that time ago and I just love it.

Pennie -  I made this quilt and another similar back in 1994 and they are both hand quilted!  I bought the fabric at David Jones in Chatswood... now that was a long time ago  :-)

Selina's scrappy.
Selina's clutch bag, if you look hard you can see the Giraffe's are wearing shoes.
Selina's iPad case.
Selina's comfy pants with pockets!

 Stephanie McCarron has made this quilt for someone in Bali, she's used a lot of Aussie fabrics with one Chook!

Stephanie M's hand quilting lessons turned into a little wall hanging!

Ruth made this quilt above.

Stephanie M. made this one.

Lyn belongs to these cats.

Robyn, front and watermelons on the back  :-)

Robyn's photos of a holiday on this quilt.

Lynne's spectacular around the garden.

Lovely story to this little heart quilt... Jean made it for her Grandson who will be 25 next month

Jan made this bag.

Kathleen made this quilt using a scarf in the middle.
And read the interesting story of Kathleen's bag, her DH was given it I believe.

Jackie's Elvis quilt for a friend.
These next two are Jackie's as well.

Is this Lynne's Bag?

These next five quilts have been made by Cath.

Emma's Table Runner.

A second quilt of Emma's.

Rita's half square triangle quilt with suggestions below.

Donna made the next SIX quilts.


Yan made the all these quilts below, all so different.
Yan 1.
Yan 2
Yan 3
Yan 4
Yan 5
Yan 6
Yan 7
Yan 8
Yan 9 & 10
Yan 11
Yan 12 & 13
Yan Fourteen Quilts for us to enjoy!   Thanks Yan!